LA LIFE: Magic Hour, Digital Dive, Carhops, Nature, Moment of Time

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We’ve never seen LA like this Tomatoes. And now you can view it all during these unprecedented times, you can view it all from the sky thanks to the amazing automotive journalist and pilot, Micah Muzio, from his helicopter. Muzio says, ““It is a unique privilege to view greater Los Angeles from the air. My goal is to share that privilege with others.” It’s breathtaking birds eye view and a big Wow. So, enjoy and you can also enjoy “Magic Hour in LA,” “Carhop” Service, “A Nature Challenge,” and “A Moment of Your Time.” And don’t miss this week’s podcast, “Healing from Trauma.” Signing off till next week and reminding you all to Stay Safe and Stay Smart.

Healing from Trauma

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Whether or not we realize it, we are all experiencing trauma in 2020 and Ilene Smith, our podcast guest today shares methods we can employ now to reduce the effects of trauma from settling in our bodies in the future. Listen in to this timely conversation with tips from Ilene’s book, “Moving Beyond Trauma” is a guide to helping us heal and create a life of ease and vitality. Listen in here.

Everyday Magic Hour in LA

LA LIFE: Magic Hour, Digital Dive, Carhops, Nature, Moment of Time

It always Magic Hour in Los Angeles.  And thanks to the Discover LA team and the Hotel Erwin in Venice, everyone from any location can enjoy the sunset at Venice Beach.  No sunglasses or hats needed, Tomatoes.

Magic Hour is literally defined as a sparkly time of day around sunset and that is quintessential LA and that time of day is extra special at the beach. Tomatoes can livestream the sunset in Venice every day for virtual daily inspiration and a sense of calm. It’s the kind magic hour that only Los Angeles can deliver, Tomatoes

The Three Tomatoes Renwal Virtual Summit

Visit the Hammers Collections

LA LIFE: Magic Hour, Digital Dive, Carhops, Nature, Moment of Time

How about a virtual museum trip this week, Tomatoes? You can dive deep into the Hammers collections and past exhibitions with their digital archives and explore the over 1,100 artistic works. Now that might fill your day pleasurably, Tomatoes.

Included is an archive of the life and work of Corita Kent and the story of the Grunwald collection and the work of 120 Latin American artists and much more. 

Carhop Service is Back

LA LIFE: Magic Hour, Digital Dive, Carhops, Nature, Moment of Time

Oh, remember those days, Tomatoes. It was always a special treat.  Now Bob’s Big Boy Diner in Burbank , the oldest survivor and in Northridge and Mel’s Diner at all its many locations are bringing back a bit of nostalgia by reviving carhop service.  Groovy!

Bob’s Big Boy was founded in SoCal CA in 1936  and Mel’s has been here since 1947. There are many Mel’s Diner locations and only a few left of Bob’s Big Boy.  It would be such a shame to lose them now, Gals.  Just call and order ahead, drive and pull up to the restaurant and your order will be brought to your car lickety split.  It’s a great idea to provide this safe convenience and to help keep these iconic eateries alive, Tomatoes. 

April 24-27. Nature Challenge

LA LIFE: Magic Hour, Digital Dive, Carhops, Nature, Moment of Time

The UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden recommends taking “The  City Nature Challenge” in your neighborhood and become a community scientist and see your city with new eyes, Tomatoes.

Nature continues to grow and move throughout the city of LA. It’s a great way to connect to the nature in your neighborhood while social distancing from people.  You can participate as an individual or with your family.  The Challenge is organized by The Natural History Museum of LA County and California Academy of Sciences and it’s totally free. Hey, now is as good a time as any to become a nature scientist even if it is only for a weekend, Tomatoes.

A Moment of Your Time 

LA LIFE: Magic Hour, Digital Dive, Carhops, Nature, Moment of Time

A Moment of Your Time is a new daily podcast born out this time of social distancing by creating a place for artistic expression, collaboration, and solidarity as a community.  Now that is worth a moment of your time, Tomatoes.

Jenny Curtis at CurtCo Media invites you to become a part of their community by either listening-in, sharing their stories or collaborating and sharing your story in whatever creative form it takes as long as the message is one of hope and positivity.  They have episodes short daily for you to enjoy while throwing in the laundry, brushing your dog, or while doing any of your household tasks.  Listening in or sharing your creativity, Tomatoes, reminds us that even though we are staying at home, we are not alone.  


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