LA LIFE: Late Bloomer, California Art, Acro-Cats

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Are you a late bloomer? …in the realm of vegetable gardening that is? Well, help is at your fingertips tomatoes with “Late Bloomer”. The Hilbert Museum that opened in February is dedicated to telling the story of the golden state through the power of the visual image. And the Amazing Acro-Cats are in town!

Late Bloomer
Whether you are already an avid gardener or just thinking about growing what you love to eat like…tomatoes…the urban garden web series and blog “Late Bloomer” can help anyone achieve that goal. Kaye Kittrell, the engaging host and director, shares a plethora of inspiration, information and guidance for garden loving tomatoes at The Late Bloomer Show. Plus it’s fun ladies!

A few years ago, LA tomato Kaye Kittrell, found a passion for gardening and started converting her back yard to an edible garden. Lucky for us she started sharing that experience with the world. Her creation, “Late Bloomer,” web series and blog, seeks to entertain, enlighten and inspire the gardener and late bloomer in all of us. You too might catch the “Late Bloomer” bug and grow a tomato! Gotta love tomatoes…tomatoes!

Hilbert Museum

LA LIFE: Late Bloomer, California Art, Acro-Cats

The Hilbert Museum of California Art at Chapman University is a brand spankin’ new 6,000-square-foot museum and the nation’s only institution dedicated to the display of California Scene painting and California representational art. About time tomatoes. The majority of the collection is California Scene watercolor and oil paintings from the 1930-1970’s from high-profile California artists as well as lesser known artists. The overlooked very talented artists in the collection will finally get their day in the sun at the Hilbert which also happens to be free ladies.
Gordon McClelland, a writer, art historian and collector, curated the Hilbert Museum’s inaugural exhibition, “Narrative Visions: 20th Century California Art from the Hilbert Collection.” Daniele Struppa, chancellor and president-designate of Chapman University says, “Every one of these paintings reflects a moment in the history of California.”

Now thru May 1. Acro-Cats
LA LIFE: Late Bloomer, California Art, Acro-Cats

Acro-….what?! CATS! “The Amazing Acro-Cats” is a domestic cat show with a dozen REAL cats (former orphans, rescues and strays) that entertain audiences with precious felines walking tightropes, pushing carts, skateboarding, jumping through hoops, ringing bells, balancing on balls and turning on lights. If you missed them on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ you can see the famous cats at the El Portal stage in NoHo. A portion of ticket sales goes toward cat and kitten rescue.

Samantha Martin is the “Chief Executive Human” of The Acro-Cats and she advocates adoption from local shelters and other organizations, and works with them in variety of other ways. They form partnerships that involve fostering and finding homes for cats and kittens as the troupe of former orphans and strays travel from city to city in a custom cat bus. I would sure like to ride on that bus tomatoes.


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