LA Life: Giving Thanks, Style, Sonnets, Extraordinary Women, and More

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It’s always a good time to give thanks and today I want to dedicate the newsletter intro to just that. Thank you, dear readers, for your continued support. It is much appreciated. And I want to give my utmost thanks to my illustrious contributors, LA Life Fashion Stylist Felicia Arlin, LA Life Poetess Penny Peyser and LA Life Photographer Lorraine Devon Wilke. I am so grateful and proud that they share their artistic brilliance with us. And yes, as always, plenty of fun and interesting events ahead that might tickle your fancy, Tomatoes.

The Story Behind This Week’s Cover Photo

The Wishing Well. Her wish decided, coin firmly in hand, a little girl takes aim from her perch atop a wall surrounding the Dancing Fountain at The Grove in Los Angeles. What other name could I give this whimsical moment but “The Wishing Well”?   Upon seeing this photo, the memories of being a young girl in Kansas City tossing a coin into a fountain and making a wish came flooding back. What wonderful feelings of pure glee I felt.  I must do that again. Thanks for bringing back that memory for me, Lorraine.  Be sure to check out Lorraine Devon Wilke’s marvelous photos on her webpage.

Sonnets from Suburbia

Lady Penelope doth ponder the effect of algorithms on friendships as only Lady Penelope can. And don’t forget to pick up her brilliant newly released book, “Sonnets from Suburbia: More Candles Than Cake”WATCH THE VIDEO.

LA Style Stories

Our LA Stylist, Felicia Arlin, has a truly inspired idea, in “Tailor Made”, that went beyond her expectations. Something I would never have thought of to fulfill a fashion vision. Whether you love or hate bubble hems you’ll have to admit that Felicia’s example is gorgeous in “Bubble Hems”.  You might just want to explore that look for yourself. You’ll love both looks and the stories behind them today.  Remember, I only highlight a snippet of Felicia’s amazing and inspirational cur8edme posts so be sure to follow her on Instagram. GET THE DETAILS.

Through May 14 Art of Couture

Fashion lovers and aficionado’s will drop their jaws over the mind blowing “Art of Couture” exhibit at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. From couture powerhouse Guo Pei, 40 pieces of couture art are featured that transform the galleries into an amazing world of fashion fantasy. Worth the drive, Tomatoes.

With every collection Guo Pei draws upon a rich source of mythology and history which, through Guo Pei’s lens and the skills of the many artisans with whom she works, result in profoundly moving pieces. This exhibition marks an exhibition milestone for Guo Pei. Reviewing the canon of her creative genius, she has selected a carefully curated presentation of her finest and most personal pieces.

April 1. Chatsworth Nature Preserve Earth Day Open House

Once a year! Yep! Just one time a year is The Chatsworth Nature Preserve open to the public. It happens to be the only nature preserve in the city of Los Angeles, by the way. Start off Earth Month with “The Chatsworth Nature Preserve Earth Day Open House” and take advantage of this rare opportunity to visit this stunning world of flora, fauna and nature. It’s free and I promise you will be very glad you attended, Tomatoes.

The event will open with a Native American Blessing and to follow, guided nature hikes (Mr. LA Tomato, I’m proud to say, will be one of the hike leaders), Native American storytelling, live animal exhibitions, food trucks along with an environmental & community resource fair. So much to enjoy and a chance to learn about the history of the precious nature preserve and the trees, plants and animals that make this special place their home.

April 2.  Masters of Taste

Masters of Taste, the luxury food and beverage festival, returns to the Pasadena’s Rose Bowl and, once again, 100% of the proceeds go to Union Station Homeless Services. Guests will enjoy an amazing array of LA’s top culinary, beverage and sweet masters, Tomatoes.

And while enjoying all the delectable tastes you will be helping Union Station Homeless Services combat homelessness and rebuild the lives of families and individuals that are experiencing homelessness. Just as they have for the past 50 years.

Extraordinary Women

With Women’s History Month in mind, the Bridget Riley Drawings Exhibition, through May 28 at the Hammer Museum, and The Life and Legacy of Ellen Garrison, a Zoom event on March 28 hosted by the Pasadena History Museum , celebrate and explore these extraordinary women.

The Bridget Riley Drawings: From the Artist’s Studio is the first and most extensive museum exhibition entirely dedicated to the artist’s drawings in over 50 years and the first major exhibition of her work at a West Coast museum. Wow!  And The Life and Legacy of Ellen Garrison online event focuses and this 19th Century African American Activist, who lived her final years in Pasadena. Executive Director of The Robbins House, Jen Turner, discusses Ellen’s life from her birth in Concord, Massachusetts in 1823 to her work with several abolitionist campaigns in Concord and Boston as a young adult, her dedicated teaching career at American Missionary Schools in the Reconstruction South, and her pioneering protest against segregation at a Baltimore train station. Another big WOW!

March 25. Monthly Habitat Restoration Days

Time for your garden gloves, Ladies! Help restore animal habitats, reduce fires, and return the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve area back to its native roots by volunteering at Habitat Restoration Days. Hosted by FoLAR with their  friends at the  California Native Plant Society and San Fernando Valley Audubon Society. A bird filled nature walk from SFVAS will be featured. Can’t make this one? No worries…

There’s another chance to help remove harmful and invasive plant species at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve and enjoy a bird walk May 27th and every month thereafter. In 2022 alone, these community events have helped restore and remove invasive plants from 95 acres of land and 50,000 pounds of trash from the river.  I’d say that deserves a bravo!

March 25 & 26 Pasadena Spring Home Show

Celebrate your abode at the Pasadena Spring Home Show where you can find the experts and the inspiration for everything in and around your home. The perfect place to explore all the possibilities for any home project you want to take on. Did I say it’s free, Gals?

Their goal is to simply inspire, motivate and excite you in a fun, interactive environment. There are a wide selection of home improvement professionals and expert exhibitors whether it’s for a minor renovation or a major remodel. Hmmm…Gets me to thinking. I do have a 50-year-old bathroom that’s never been upgraded.

Select Dates March – April Our Common Home

Now on display on Jerry Moss Plaza at the Music Center is Our Common Home, a fascinating and intriguing interactive public art exhibition fusing art & technology to address issues in Climate Change by artist Iregular. Love it when the art is free and out of doors.

Using face, hand and full body tracking, Our Common Home allows users to influence digital artworks in real time, while exploring how our individual decisions have a global impact. Open your mouth, move your hands, strike a pose or make a face! Come and experience these large-scale interactive art pieces (Creatures, Products, Icebergs, Telescopes and The Sun) and explore their meaning. Fascinating! Iregular is a Montreal-based digital art studio that creates audiovisual installations, large-scale sculptures, architectural projections and scenographies, with a focus on interactive and immersive experiences.



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