LA LIFE: Gardens, Women’s History, Virtual Tour and Giving

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LA LIFE: Gardens, Women’s History, Virtual Tour and Giving

Now is the time to remind ourselves how resilient, compassionate, creative and determined Los Angeles Tomatoes can be and so, despite all the closures and cancellations, the LA Life Newsletter will carry on, gosh darn it,  with a few “things to do” ideas. We love the much needed rain we’ve had the past two weeks though it may add to the already dampened spirits but… the sun will return and with the glorious beauty of our landscape it is a perfect time to get out of doors, keeping a safe distance from others, to appreciate it all. The public gardens are now closed, but there are some virtual tours, entertainment, and ways to give back right now.  Listen in to this week’s podcast with Dr. Robi Ludwig, and “just breath.” Stay strong, wise and safe, Tomatoes.

How Not to Freak Out in Scary Times

We live in unprecedented times and with new phrases in our lexicon like “social distancing”, “self-quarantines” and shortages of things like toilet paper (!), no wonder we’re all stressed or actually freaking out. So here to help us all take a deep breath and calm down some is Dr. Robi Ludwig nationally known psychotherapist, award-winning reporter, and author. Listen in here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

PBS SoCal Women’s History Month

LA LIFE: Gardens, Women’s History, Virtual Tour and Giving

Tomatoes can still to celebrate Women’s History Month and you can do so from the comfort of your own home. And these days that is so convenient. PBS SoCal’s & KCET’s broadcast schedules include a host of fab programs.

They highlight women’s role in contributing to, influencing and shaping American history and culture. One great grand dame whose life and legacy is profiled is Julia Child who introduced French cuisine to America. It will make you so proud of our American women and their place in our history and how profound that place is, Tomatoes.  

March 28 & 29. Theodore Payne Virtual Garden Tour

LA LIFE: Gardens, Women’s History, Virtual Tour and Giving

I always mention Theodore Payne’s much-loved native plant garden tour every year here because it is such a delight.  Well, it has been canceled, darn, but lucky for you, Tomatoes, you will still be able to enjoy the two day garden tour…virtually.  Yep, the tour will be streaming your way.

42 beautiful landscapes will be on display with native and water wise plants…virtually…with photo galleries, live streams and more. The live streams will allow you to meet and interact with garden owners, designers, and TPF staff. You’ll learn about native plants, garden design, and wildlife habitat without having to get in your car, Tomatoes. 

Giving is Good

LA LIFE: Gardens, Women’s History, Virtual Tour and Giving

Anytime is a good time to give back, but during a crisis like the Coronavirus Crisis, donations are especially needed here in Los Angeles.  The Coronavirus Crisis will disproportionately impact those who can least afford it in Los Angeles County. So, now more than ever, the LA Regional Food Banks need your help , Tomatoes. They are committed to getting nutritious food to residents in need so please think about giving.  The Red Cross is in great need also.  Giving blood as a healthy individual is always a great gift, but now, the blood donation numbers are dwindling down. Giving blood is of the utmost importance during this crisis.  So please, Tomatoes, consider making an appointment at your local Red Cross…if you are healthy…to give blood. 

And also hit our “Giving Back LA Style” Resource Guide on our website of LOCAL charities, I’ve chosen to highlight that might need an extra helping hand. Tomatoes might be able to find a local small nonprofit that will cater to your giving preferences.  And if you know of a local small nonprofit that is in particular need right now, just email me about it and I’ll do my best to post it in the next newsletter.


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