LA LIFE: Garden Party, Pacific Visions, Donut Fest, Hola Fest, Lifesaving Stories

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Pacific Visions, Donut Fest, Hola Fest, Lifesaving Stories

Can you believe, Tomatoes, it is the start of June tomorrow! Why not start June with champagne & entertainment in a beautiful garden at “Three Tomatoes LA Hats & Flats Garden Party”. “The Hola Mexican Film Festival” is opening today and it highlights the best and the brightest talents in film. Support climate science by attending “Stories to Save our Lives”. The Aquarium of the Pacific just opened the “Pacific Visions” wing and it looks awesome. And the “DTLA Donut Festival” is all about donuts, donuts and more donuts. Wow! Great fun to be had by LA Tomatoes!

June 2.  Last Call. The Three Tomatoes LA “Hats & Flats Garden Party”

Pacific Visions, Donut Fest, Hola Fest, Lifesaving Stories

Will Lady Deborah fit into the garden frock ordered from the elite fashion house Amazon Prime? Will the high anticipation of “THE event of the season” overly stress Lady Deborah and bring on the vapors?  Will the prized garden flora & blooms rebound after the head gardener’s over-zealous trimming? Lady in Waiting Flora Digby’s says, “all will be well” …especially when champagne is flowing. The truth will be revealed at Chatsworth Manor Garden so get your tickets ASAP!

The truth is… the Lady of all Ladies, Lady Deborah, is counting the seconds till you grace her garden with your esteemed presence.  Lady Penelope  (aka Penny Peyser) is preparing for her first public performance and the legendary Lord EJ Buttercup is fine tuning the sound so his music will rock us genteel Ladies to the dance floor.

Remember, only THE very finest of Los Angeles Tomatoes & their guests have been extended an invitation.  Guests will  be treated to tasty bites, refreshments, champagne, music, gift bags, best hat contest and a few surprises. Space is limited to 40, so reserve your space for June 2nd and purchase your $10 ticket .

May 31- June 8. Hola Mexico Film Festival

Pacific Visions, Donut Fest, Hola Fest, Lifesaving Stories

Celebrating its 11th year, the “Hola Mexico Film Festival”, the largest Mexican Film Festival outside of Mexico, returns to LA showcasing an incredible selection of award-winning and critically acclaimed films from Mexico. And 60% of the participants selected for the “Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today” are women.  Woo Hoo!

In conjunction with exclusive star-studded parties and outdoor concerts, the Hola Mexico Film Festival gives attendees a vivid and exciting snapshot of Mexico’s booming and diverse film industry. The festival takes place in a variety of locations throughout our city and is divided into 5 main categories: horror, documentary, animation, emerging filmmakers and current hits. “Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today” (TFT) is presented by HBO and supported by some of the most important film organizations in the world. TFT brings together Latinx filmmakers based in Los Angeles for an immersive experience aiming to connect them to resources for career advancement and to develop a creative community of like-minded individuals. The participants, remember 60% are women, are selected based on the quality of their work, experience and commitment to the profession, as well as their potential to become ambassadors of Latinx culture within the entertainment world.

Pacific Visions

Pacific Visions, Donut Fest, Hola Fest, Lifesaving Stories
Aquarium of the Pacific / Pacific Visions / EHDD / Clark Construction / Photography by Tom Bonner – Job ID 6421

The stunning “Pacific Visions”, which just opened to the public after 10 years of planning and building, is the first major expansion of The Aquarium of the Pacific since 1998 Tomatoes!  According to Dr. Jerry R. Schubel, Pres. & CEO, the new two story 29,000 square foot wing will focus on creating a better future for the oceans, the planet and humans with state of the art and creative, features.  Bravo Dr. Jerry! This Tomato can’t wait to visit!

Pacific Visions includes a modern visionary immersive theater, an art gallery, interactive consoles, touchable wall screens, and new live animal exhibits.  “After more than a decade of planning and building, we are excited to open Pacific Visions to the public,” Dr. Jerry R. Schubel stated in a release. “Pacific Visions is unlike any other aquarium expansion project. We are taking a unique, unconventional approach in creating a space where the focus is on the one species that is affecting all others on Earth: humans. Pacific Visions is a place where scientists, policymakers, and the public can come together to explore solutions to create a better future for all.”  Education and the efforts of places like The Aquarium of the Pacific is how we change the world for the better Tomatoes! 

June 8. DTLA Donut Festival 

Pacific Visions, Donut Fest, Hola Fest, Lifesaving Stories

Oh, my Heavens!  The 2nd “DTLA Donut Festival” at Union Station is sure to be a scrumptious and mouth-watering event. I mean, who doesn’t like Donuts Tomatoes?! I know my mouth is watering.   The Whole Donut Marketplace will be showcasing donuts in all their many delish varieties in this edible exploration and celebration of LA’s favorite pastry. Oh my!

Oh…I sooooooo want a glazed donut right now!  The first year the Donut Festival sold out quickly so get your tickets early Tomatoes. The DTLA Donut Festival will also feature the best of LA’s donut shops, savory and breakfast vendors, a “live fry” donut station making hot apple fritters to order and coffee vendors for dunking along with donut-compatible offerings. Oh so yummy!

June 1. Stories to Save Our Lives: A Climate Science Fundraiser

Pacific Visions, Donut Fest, Hola Fest, Lifesaving Stories

LA River Kayak Safari is hosting a storytelling fundraiser, “Stories to Save Our Lives”, benefiting the UCLA Center for Climate Science , which works to get climate science used in the real world to solve climate change adaptation problems. Join them for drinks and eats along the LA River as some of the city’s finest storytellers share tales of times when they faced insurmountable odds — and how they got through it, Tomatoes.

This event will raise funds in connection with the California Climate Expedition, in which a team of riders will learn first-hand about climate change impacts and solutions in California as they bike 550 miles from Oakland to LA this June. Proceeds from the ride will support the work of the UCLA Center for Climate Science, whose mission is to take climate science outside the lab and use it to solve real-world problems communities are facing. Storytellers include Frankie Quiñones (The Funny Drop web series), Sara Schaefer (Nikki and Sara LIVE), David Crabb (host of the Moth and RISK! storytelling podcasts), and Kurt Braunohler (Comedy Central special Trust Me). Get your tickets.


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