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The Toyon is in bloom. There’s a Walt Disney exhibit. Lady Penelope loves her cat.  Felicia has stunning looks for the holidays. There’s more Holiday Events and it is the giving season. And check out this week’s Happy Hour Podcast. I wish you a comfy cozy and happy Holiday Season filled with good cheer, oodles of love from family & friends (furry & human), lots of blessings, a hot toddy or…two, and gratitude for our beautiful, resilient & diverse Los Angeles community. Let me just say it’s been a joy sharing the year with you lovely, Tomatoes.  I’ll be back again in 2023. Happy New Year!

Through March 27. Inspiring Walt Disney


Explore the magical connection between Disney and the French Rococo period, from early storyboard sketches of your favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios classics to the exquisite 18th century art that inspired them. The international traveling exhibition “Inspiring Walt Disney: The Animation of French Decorative Arts” exhibit just opened at The Huntington and it just might give you a break from the hectic pace of the holiday season.  It’s super cool, Tomatoes.

The exhibit explores the early inspiration behind Disney Studios creations, examining Walt Disney’s fascination with European art and the use of French motifs in Disney films and theme park with 50 works of 19th-century European decorative art and design alongside hand-drawn production art works and so much more. And it is a beautiful time of year in SoCal to enjoy an inspired walk in the Huntington Gardens.


Giving This Season

If you missed giving Tuesday or just in the mood to give back, I have a few suggestions of local nonprofits that focus on helping animals in a myriad of ways.  If you are having trouble coming up with gift ideas for friends and family, donations made in someone’s name always makes a very worthy Holiday gift.

Operation Blankets of Love

OBOL is headquartered right here in the San Fernando Valley but they have a very special mission with a wide reach that sets them apart from other animal welfare organizations…they help rescue the rescuers. They also help pets of homeless and struggling pet owners and are on-call for emergency relief. The need never stops and neither does OBOL. Isn’t that incredible, Tomatoes. The demand has tripled and so has their need for donations.  Since January 2008, OBOL’s mission has been to improve the health of homeless animals and increase their chances for survival and adoption. They aim to eliminate animal homeless ness and euthanasia by rescuing the rescuers.

Blue Man Dog

I am always going to toot Blue Man Dog’s horn because that’s where we found and adopted our very special Stella Bella Superstar . Mia and the “Blue Man Dog” staff go beyond what many other higher profile well-funded animal welfare nonprofits accomplish. Mia and her staff are passionately committed to not only the rescue & rehabilitation of dogs from shelters/desperate situations but helping dog owners and their adopted dogs make the adoptions a long-term success, Tomatoes.

For over a decade, Mia has worked tirelessly in dog rescue, including temperament evaluations, and fostering, helping hundreds of dogs and adopters with information, training, and consultations for people needing help with their dogs or looking to adopt a dog. She also specializes in saving and rehabilitating the most challenging of homeless dogs.  Blue Man Dog’s needs are great, and they can always use a donation.

LA City Animal Services

Though LA Animal Services is overwhelmed, they also do an amazing job under dire circumstances. I was shocked by how much I didn’t know about our city animal shelters and all that they do to provide extra care for animals in shelters, helping to keep pets and families together, and to prevent suffering for animals big and small. So please check out their story and consider being a hero to animals all over Los Angeles, Ladies.

The LA City Animal Shelter Organization’s mission is to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of animals and people. They envision a day when every pet born has a good home and is cared for all its life, when no person is ever endangered by an animal and when all Angelenos are actively engaged in making Los Angeles the most humane city in the nation. Bravo!


The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA) is a non-profit organization whose primary role is to seek and provide financial support for animal welfare, animal species conservation, learning & engagement and community outreach programs. The Zoo works to save vulnerable, endangered, and critically endangered animals here at home and around the world. You can help by becoming a member, making a tax-deductible donation , and/or taking everyday actions to support biodiversity and protect habitats. GLAZA is a leader in conservation, and they make LA proud, Tomatoes.

Angelenos are blessed to have this magnificent zoo to visit. But GLAZA’s goals and accomplishments behind what you see at the zoo are so vast it boggles the mind. From the daily care of animals to educating and inspiring communities to leading species-saving efforts in far-off lands, everything they do has a single unifying goal: to help create a better future for wildlife. Awesome!

The Gentle Barn

Since 1999, The Gentle Barn, located 30 miles outside LA, has been rescuing, rehabilitating and giving sanctuary to animals and healing children through telling the animals stories. Through interaction with Gentle Barn animals, children learn reverence for all life. The Gentle Barn works hard to make the world a kinder place, Tomatoes. They support the rescued animals year-round with medical treatments for some of the most neglected and abused animals. They also have many senior animals who need extra supplements, including monthly or weekly chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy, specialized veterinary attention, and more. Another very worthy nonprofit focused on animals for you to consider donating to.

Sonnets from Suburbia

Lady Penelope’s cat inspires spiritual insight and that comes in handy as Lady P looks to her cat for spiritual advice in “The Cat is Staring”. WATCH NOW.

LA Style Stories

Now is as good a time as any to try something new. In “Changing It Up”, Felicia tells you the story of the sweater her Mother made back in the day and how it still works today with a modern flair. And Felicia says high shine and bold brights will work for this holiday season in “Don’t Forget Your Spring/Summer Shine”.  I adore both these looks. As always Felicia delivers extraordinary fashion insight, Ladies. GET THE DETAILS.

More Holiday Events

I found a few more happenings throughout the holidays that you might want to add to the Holiday Events and Holiday Lights guides I shared with you on December 2nd. these events and all that are on those lists will be highly entertaining.

December 18. Winter in the Park

The Audubon Center at Deb’s Park is hosting the free family-friendly “Winter in the Park” to celebrate the season. It sure has felt like winter in Los Angeles lately, Tomatoes. There will be live music and lots of nature focused activities. You’ll be able to make your own Native Plant Wreath, Wild Seed Bomb and Botanical-Based Ink. Be sure and try the popcorn and Hot Cocoa.

December 22. Holiday Highlights

Wear your holiday attire and enjoy the “Holiday Highlights” walking tour from the LA Conservancy that will inspire the holiday spirit in you. The 90-minute holiday remix of fav favorites lead by expert docents will lead you through architectural delights which have all been beautifully decorated.

Through January 15.  Astra Lumina

An enchanted and magical night walk amongst the stars is happening at the South Coast Botanic Garden. It is a multisensory experience for all ages with the magic of projections, lighting, music and the astral energy that transforms the garden into a celestial pathway.



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