LA LIFE: Bugs, Kindness Bundles, Zip Code, Walking Tours, Happiness

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LA LIFE: Bugs, Kindness Bundles, Zip Code, Walking Tours, Happiness

The Penstemon ‘Margarita Bop’ is a brand spanking new CA native plant now residing in my garden and it tickles me purple. Antaeus Theatre Company has launched the new season of “The Zip Code Plays”. “Bundles of Kindness” reflects how an exceptional 13-year girl can make a big difference in her world.  NHM’s new exhibit “Spikey, Hairy and Shiny” is full of surprises.  And the “Gardens & Gables” and “Greene & Greene” Walking Tours explore a garden and a historic neighborhood. Listen in to this week’s inspiring podcast. And sign up for our next ZOOM Event on Personal Branding.

The Joy of Living: A Conversation with Barry Shore

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

After a rare disease paralyzed him from the neck down, Barry Shore created the Joy of Living institute, a platform that teaches people to live in joy, no matter the situation. Kim Selby had an inspiring conversation with him discussing his new book “The Joy of Living: How to Slay Stress and Be Happy.” You will definitely be inspired by his energy, words and practical ways to live in joy. Welcome to The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcasts

Starting May 20.  Zip Code Plays Season 2

LA LIFE: Bugs, Kindness Bundles, Zip Code, Walking Tours, Happiness

Antaeus Theatre company created a remarkable theatre adventure in 2020 and now The Zip Code Plays Season 2, still celebrating the unique history and culture of LA’s various zip code areas has started streaming your way.  Time to jump for joy! I just think it’s a genius concept, Tomatoes.

The new selection of audio plays for The Zip Code Plays Season 2, written by Antaeus Playwrights Lab members and recorded by Antaeus actors, will be available for FREE on all major podcast platforms. Take your time listening in so you can delve into the historical and geographical aspects of each of the new ZIP code areas each play represents.  If you miss the 6 episodes from Season 1of The Zip Code Plays they are all available online. And remember that all Los Angeles area theatre companies still need help to make a fully successful comeback from the Pandemic and if you have some extra bucks please consider helping out   .

The Personal Branding Event

The marketplace has never been more competitive — whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, or one of the many people job searching right now, you need to distinguish yourself from the competition. Join us for a zoom event that could change your life with two top experts in personal branding. Get tickets now.

Spikey Hairy, Shiny: Insects of LA

LA LIFE: Bugs, Kindness Bundles, Zip Code, Walking Tours, Happiness

The Naural History Museum inspires wonder, discovery, and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds and so too NHM celebrates the insects of LA with their new exhibit, “Spikey, Hairy and Shiny”. Even if you are not a fan of certain bugs, you will be a fan of this exhibit and so will the kiddoes in your realm, Tomatoes.

We can’t see the beauty of our LA bugs since they are so tiny and barely visible to the human eye…BUT…now you can see up close and personal the glory and the stories of the LA bug world. Spikey, Hairy, Shiny is the result of the research done as part of the Museum’s BioSCAN project to track LA’s climate. By paying attention to the neighborhood bugs, we can attain a greater understanding of the environmental changes there as well. This exhibit might feel creepy crawly to some but oh so delightful, too, Tomatoes. If you can’t make it to the museum or not quite ready to be indoors you can experience the online exhibition, Tomatoes.

Rachel’s Bundles of Kindness

LA LIFE: Bugs, Kindness Bundles, Zip Code, Walking Tours, Happiness

The totally amazing Rachel Rosenberg isn’t just an ordinary teenage young lady but she founded “Bundles of Kindness” at the age of 13.  Her nonprofit delivers care packages filled with love to our homeless neighbors in Los Angeles. That just takes my breath away and gives me hope for our future, Tomatoes.

“Rachel’s Bundles of Kindness” was created in 2018 to provide comprehensive care packages to people in Los Angeles who are homeless. Each and every bundle is personally delivered by Rachael, accompanied by at least one adult. Rachael’s mission is to provide basic necessities, while offering human interaction, dignity, love, and kindness to the homeless.

Bundles of Kindness has delivered care packages throughout the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and other areas of Los Angeles. With a 2020 goal of creating 500 care packages for Round 2 of Bundles of Kindness, more neighborhoods will be targeted to receive care packages.  Rachel exemplifies Margaret Mead’s philosophy whom she has quoted.  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” With young men and women like Rachel, there is no doubt we can make this world a kinder and more compassionate place to live, Tomatoes.  BRAVO, RACHEL and BUNDLES FOR KINDNESS!!!!!

It’s so easy to donate and I hope you will check it out.

June through Summer Garden and Architectural Tours

LA LIFE: Bugs, Kindness Bundles, Zip Code, Walking Tours, Happiness

It will be a summer with much-loved in-person walking tours and both of these tours are noteworthy. “Gardens & Gables: Exploring the Gamble House Outdoors” is a docent led exploration of the Gamble House historic gardens and “The Greene & Greene Neighborhood Walking Tour” is a guided tour around the historic Arroyo Terrace Neighborhood. It’s a great way to get some steps in, Tomatoes.

The guide for the “Gardens & Gables” tour will discuss how the Gamble House exemplifies the work of architects Greene & Greene, the development of the gardens, how the Greene’s worked with the Gamble family and what makes the Gamble House unique.  “The Greene & Greene Walking Tour” is a guided walk through the historic Arroyo Terrace neighborhood which is also a National Register historic district that is home to nine Greene & Greene houses as well as the works of other noted architects. These Tours sell out mighty fast, Tomatoes, so save your space NOW. 


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