LA LIFE: Art Show, Book Fair, Camelias, Topanga Creek, Film & Art Festival

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LA LIFE: Art Show, Book Fair, Camelias, Topanga Creek, Film & Art Festival

Happy Friday in beautiful LA, Tomatoes. The LA ART Show is back, and it is celebrating a big anniversary. The “Queens of Winter” are stealing the show this weekend at the Huntington. And there’s another anniversary to enjoy. Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote, Tomatoes, at the “CA International Antiquarian Book Fair.” Enjoy a beautiful day and learn about the environment while you lend a helping hand at “Heal Topanga Creek.” The “Pan African Film & Arts Festival” is a giant among film festivals and a wonderful way to celebrate Black History Month. And LA Tomatoes are invited to join me in NYC on May 1.

Feb 9. The LA ART Show

The LA ART Show is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and… that our dear Los Angeles has risen as a world class destination for art, Tomatoes. Wow!  The LA ART Show” is considered the most comprehensive and diverse international contemporary art show in America. This annual civic celebration of the arts, at the LA Convention Center, brings you an extraordinary array of works and experiences in specialized sections. That’s some art show Tomatoes.

LA LIFE: Art Show, Book Fair, Camelias, Topanga Creek, Film & Art Festival
painting by Amy Smith

And one of my favorite LA based Female Artists, Amy Smith, will be showing her work. Kudos Amy!  Amy’s creations will be with the Wallspace Gallery, one of the 120 featured galleries from 20 countries showcasing  the very best of Modern, Contemporary, Historic and Traditional art. participating in the LA ART Show.  It is an art lover’s paradise Tomatoes.

Join Me in NYC on May 1 at the Renewal Summit

The Renewal Summit

This all-day event will focus on health, wellness, beauty and more in midlife and beyond. I’ll be moderating a panel on “Women’s Heart Health,” a topic that is very personal to me. We have a block of hotel rooms reserved at a special rate, and if you signup for the event by March 6th you’ll save $15.

Feb 8 & 9.  Huntington Camelia Show and Sale

LA LIFE: Art Show, Book Fair, Camelias, Topanga Creek, Film & Art Festival

The Queens, AKA Camelia’s, are in town for the season, Tomatoes, brightening our winter days with colorful and gorgeous blooms that delight the senses.  The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens will be celebrating and showing off their amazing collections of these highly prized exquisite blooms with their “Annual Camelia Show and Sale” this weekend.  Don’t miss the opportunity to visit royalty, Tomatoes.

Hundreds of amazing and vivid blossoms compete for top honors at The Huntington’s Camellia Show, at the Brody Botanical Center, which is co-sponsored by the Southern California Camellia Society. View the exhibits, shop for camellia plants to grow at home, and get some expert tips on care and cultivation. And while there, you simply must explore the acres of stunning blooming camellias in the gardens. What a lovely way to spend a day.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Want to regain your youthful vitality? Listen in to this week’s podcast.

Feb 7 – 9. California International Antiquarian Book Fair

LA LIFE: Art Show, Book Fair, Camelias, Topanga Creek, Film & Art Festival

As Stephen King has said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” The California International Antiquarian Book Fair in Pasadena delivers the magic, Tomatoes, as one of the largest and most prestigious book fairs in the world.  Visitors will not only celebrate books this year, but a woman’s right to vote, as well, with profiles of 100 pioneering women who made Herstory and forever changed the world.

Featuring more than 175 booksellers from all across the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, you have the incredible opportunity to see, learn about, and purchase the finest in rare books, manuscripts, autographs, maps, fine prints, photographs, and more at the Pasadena Convention Center.  Enjoy the magic, Tomatoes and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of women’s suffrage in America!

Feb. 11- 23. Pan African Film & Arts Festival

LA LIFE: Art Show, Book Fair, Camelias, Topanga Creek, Film & Art Festival

“The difference between a dreamer and a visionary…a visionary has his eyes open.” Dr. Martin Luther King had it so right, Tomatoes. A visionary grabs a camera and tells her/his/ stories. The annual “Pan African Film & Arts Festival” (PAFF), in its 28th year, showcases the work of 150 black filmmakers/visionaries from 40 countries & 26 languages and is, without a doubt, America’s largest and most prestigious international Black Film Festival. That is worth celebrating, Tomatoes.

And, Gals, there are over 100 established, emerging and excellent artists exhibiting their creative expression as well in the “PAFF ArtFest.” It is PAFF’s goal to present and showcase the broad spectrum of Black creative works, particularly those that reinforce positive images and help to destroy negative stereotypes. They believe film and art can lead to better understanding and foster communication between peoples of diverse cultures, races, and lifestyles, while at the same time, serve as a vehicle to initiate dialogue on the important issues of our times. This festival is a great opportunity to see all that at work…right here in our own great city.  I believe, Art, in all its forms, can save the world, Tomatoes!

Feb 8 – June 13. HEAL Topanga Creek

LA LIFE: Art Show, Book Fair, Camelias, Topanga Creek, Film & Art Festival

Get out of doors, enjoy nature and Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, Tomatoes, and help heal the majestic Topanga Creek. Volunteer to remove pesky harmful invasive weeds, trash, and junk to aid in preparing the area for planting much needed native plants to help restore the environment of the creek and the natural sanctuary for the arts. And you’ll learn a lot too, Tomatoes!

Invasive weeds cause so much damage and you’ll have a better understanding of why it is so important to get rid of them and why beautiful native plants heal and improve the environment. So, register now, ladies, before all the spots available are gone. This educational program uses community volunteers to heal Topanga Creek as it runs through Theatricum Botanicum that is supported by Environmental Restoration Group, the State Coastal Conservancy, EcoMalibu and Theatricum Botanicum. 


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