LA LIFE: Apple Butter, Griffith Park, LA Love, Zip Code Plays

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LA LIFE: Apple Butter, Griffith Park, LA Love, Zip Code Plays

Los Angeles area is filled with a plethora of beautiful places to visit. Oak Glen is one of the most scenic spots so you might want to take a break and head to the “Apple Butter Festival.” Griffith Park is also beautiful and there’s a wonderful walking tour coming up. The Music Center is back with “For the Love of LA”.  The “Zipcode Plays” promises to be a very unique experience. If you’ve ever lost a pet, this week’s podcast is a must listen. And we have a fabulous 3T Zoom event coming up time for the holidays.  

November 27- 29. Apple Butter Festival

LA LIFE: Apple Butter, Griffith Park, LA Love, Zip Code Plays

Starting next Friday, Tomatoes can take a drive through Oak Glen’s scenic 5-mile loop as Apple Season concludes with a Thanksgiving weekend filled with the amazing colors & flavors of Fall and the  wonderful “Apple Butter Festival.” There is a ton of old-fashioned fun offered, Tomatoes.

It’s a fab area to see the changing leaves and feel cool breezes that will only add to the joy of your Thanksgiving weekend. And there’s FREE admission to all the farms and businesses on the loop. You can enjoy making & tasting apple butter, apple cider, taste apple cider donuts (oh YUM!), wagon rides, petting zoos, live music & much more! Just wear a mask and have a blast Tomatoes. Oh, I think I just rhymed!

Grieving for Your Pet

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Have you ever lost a pet? For those who have, the grief is palpable and often debilitating. This week’s guest Reagan Pasternak, actress and now author, chats about her new book, Griffin’s Heart, Mourning Your Pet with No Apologies. After the loss of her soul pet, Griffin, Reagan’s heart was breaking. To cope she wrote this book which is part memoir and part interactive guide. LISTEN IN NOW.

November 28. Griffith Park Walking Tour

LA LIFE: Apple Butter, Griffith Park, LA Love, Zip Code Plays

Time to get your hiking shoes out of the closet, Tomatoes. DTLA Walking Tours is hosting a walking tour of the cherished urban haven of nature, the iconic Griffith Park. Being that this tour using the trail from Fern Dell to the Observatory, is taking place Thanksgiving Weekend, I would book your reservations now, Tomatoes.

A moderate hike through Griffith Park, which is so close to all of our hearts, might bring a grateful perspective during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend during these scary times.  It is a 2-hour moderate hike, Tomatoes, and it is recommended that you wear good athletic shoes, and bring sunscreen, sunglasses, water, and a hat. As I said, book your reservations now as space is limited and remember your mask. 

Dec. 9. Join us on Zoom

Andrew Mellen

Join us for an evening with organization expert and “the most organized man in America,” Andrew Mellen who will share tips, hacks, and strategies for high-impact, low-cost gift giving and celebrations. This will be a fun and fast-paced evening as we explore lots of ways to feel connected to each other, even while video chatting or staying 6’ away! GET THE DETAILS.

For the Love of LA

LA LIFE: Apple Butter, Griffith Park, LA Love, Zip Code Plays

On August 11th, The Music Center introduced “For the Love of LA,” a newly curated digital series program on a virtual platform, designed to celebrate the creativity of Los Angeles and to support L.A.-based artists. And Los Angeles still has so much creativity to show off so, after a break, “For the Love of LA” has returned with new artists and works of art posted every Tuesday for the next 13 weeks.

This series will “show off” more than 35 L.A. eminent artists by providing them a platform to express their views of Los Angeles that are relevant and reflective of our current time with commissioned and original artwork representing the disciplines of music, dance, visual culture and more.  To achieve this wonderful program, The Music Center partnered with numerous partners from the L.A. arts and culture community to serve as guest curators, who each identified local artists and then worked with them.  That’s how The Music Center and LA rolls, Tomatoes. 

Premieres November 12.  The Zip Code Plays

LA LIFE: Apple Butter, Griffith Park, LA Love, Zip Code Plays

Antaeus Theatre Company, clearly one of my absolute favorite theatre companies, has created a remarkable theatre adventure, Tomatoes.  “The Zip Code Plays” are 6 original audio plays celebrating the history and culture of LA that you can experience from the comfort of your home, any time, any place and in any order.  And, of course, I love the name.

These plays, written by Antaeus Playwrights Lab members and performed by incredible Antaeus actors, are available for FREE on all major podcast platforms. Take your time listening in so you can delve into the historical and geographical aspects of each ZIP code.  I just think it’s a genius concept, Tomatoes. And remember that all Los Angeles area theatre companies need help to survive while their theatres are closed so if you have a deep love for theatre and some extra bucks please consider helping out   the extraordinary Antaeus Theatre Company.

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