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I’m baaaaaaaccccck Tomatoes…to start my nineth year here!  Do I hear a “Yay” ladies? I’m, oh so delighted, that the multi-talented Tomato, Lorraine Devon Wilke, has graciously agreed to become the LA Life Photographer for our cover photos. Don’t you just love her first offering, “Walk This Way”?! Felicia Arlin, our amazing LA Life Fashion Stylist, is back to give you the best in fashion advice with “LA Style Stories”.  And our esteemed Lady Penelope will continue to treat us to her fab “Sonnets from Suburbia. Don’t worry, I certainly haven’t forgotten your “Things To Do” list, Tomatoes.

Lorraine Devon Wilke, LA Life Photographer

Lorraine has come aboard to provide us with her beautiful, intriguing and insightful photographs of LA for our LA Life Newsletter Cover Photos. You will find, as we journey through the next year, that her photos also provoke the imagination in a variety of ways adding to their richness. Lorraine Devon Wilke has designed a career that intertwines theater and rock & roll, photography and design; screenwriting, journalism, and long-form fiction, bringing the sum total of her eclectic experience to each medium. Her talent has no boundaries as she excels in all of it and continues to do so.  We are very lucky to have this inspired artist and Tomato as our LA Life Photographer. Welcome, Lorraine!

The story behind our January 27 Cover Photo, “Walk This Way”.

Delighting a crowd of people-watchers sipping espresso at fountain cafe tables, a well-heeled woman struts her stuff on a street inside The Grove in Los Angeles.

LA Style Stories

Our wonderful LA Life Fashion Stylist, Felicia Arlin, wants you to create your own unique style and she has several valuable lessons in “Be Original”. Being original is so satisfying, Tomatoes. You’ve got to be ready for anything in LA while being stylish and Felicia gives you the perfect example in “The Uptown Downtown Dichotomy”. Get the details.

Sonnets from Suburbia


As we reflect on 2022 and the holidays, Lady Penelope has a few words about “Christmas” as she describes a family Christmas scene that is quintessential Lady Penelope.  Get the details.

The Hollywood Museum

I am an ignorant fool! As long as I’ve lived here, I didn’t know there was a Hollywood Museum!!! How could I not know that?! Well, I recently learned that the Hollywood Museum is a great place to visit. First, it is housed in the marvelous and very historic Max Factor Building and it possesses 10,000 Real Showbiz Treasures showcasing 100 years of Hollywood.   Wow!

The Hollywood Museum has the most extensive collection of Hollywood Memorabilia in the World. The museum features 35,000 square feet, 4 floors of breathtaking exhibits and the home of more than 10,000 authentic Showbiz Treasures: Costumes from ‘Twilight: New Moon,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘High School Musical 2, ′ ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘Glee’ and much, much more.  If you haven’t yet, it is worth checking out.

Through Feb 19. Incident at Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Theatre 40 presents LA premiere of the hilarious family comedy, “Incident at Our Lady of Perpetual Help” If the title doesn’t grab you like it did me the story of the O’Sheas, a cash-challenged, Irish-Catholic family just trying to get through 1973 certainly will.  With the talented Ann Hearn Tobolowsky at the helm directing an amazing cast of characters, I’ve not doubt it will be a very entertaining ride for the audience. Book your tickets ASAP!

Linda O’Shea, as a precocious 19-year-old, attempts to re-enact the most turbulent day of her life, but her family keeps interrupting, insisting on telling their side of the story. The 1970s was a time of old school living. No Facebook, no tweets, no texting When Linda’s mother leaves it to Linda to tell her younger sister about the birds and the bees, the bawdy conversation is somehow overheard by the parish priest and Father Lovett is not amused. He sets out to confront the family about “the corruption of their eldest daughter’s soul and comedy ensues!!

Through February 25.  Do You Feel Anger

Another comedy stage offering that might make you squirm is making its West Coast Premiere thanks to the Circle X Theatre Company. The #MeToo Movement meets cancel culture in the outrageous comedy, “Do You Feel Anger”, at the Atwater Village Theatre. It has been called “ingenious,” “inspired” and “flat-out-hilarious” by The New York Times. That sounds like a Thumbs Up, Tomatoes.

What is the absurdity — and danger — of a world where the feelings of some people matter more than those of others? When Sofia is hired as an empathy coach at a debt collection agency, she finds she has her work cut out for her. These employees can barely identify what an emotion is, much less practice deep, radical compassion for others. As they painstakingly stumble towards enlightenment, someone keeps mugging Eva in the kitchen, and the unspoken dynamics of their seemingly blithe workplace culture become increasingly unsettling.

FEB 11. Love Is in the Air

With Valentines Day on its way love is indeed in the air and you will LOVE Eileen Barnet in her one woman show “Love is in the Air” at the El Portal Theatre. You don’t want to miss this consummate, charismatic, elegant and supremely talented Tomato when she takes the stage. Eileen has one of the most glorious singing voices I’ve ever heard, Tomatoes.

I hope you book a ticket or two right away. Eileen says: “This performance is all about love songs. But not just romantic ones.  Love takes so many forms—good love, bad love, puppy love, mother love, unconditional love, unrequited love, love of country…..”.  Eileen Barnet’s performance will definitely embrace you with love.

 From the Danube to the Pacific

What does home mean to you? Now on exhibit at the Holocaust Museum LA, “From the Danube to the Pacific: Reinventing Home”, the artwork of Dave fox explores that question. Born in 1920 in Vienna, Dave Fox’s idyllic home was transformed into a dangerous and unwelcoming place for Austrian Jews with the rise of Nazism. After finding refuge in Los Angeles, he made a life with his wife, raised a family and reinvented his home. Fox’s story, his restlessness in embracing a new life…his reinvented home is reflected in his art and this important exhibit.

Always with a sketch book in hand, Dave continued to return to memories from his childhood, seeking out connection and familiarity to his homeland in the surrounding Southern California landscape and capturing scenes that mirrored his homeland: the hillsides outside LA, the coffee houses and bakeries at the Farmers’ Market, and the fish monger at the docks. This exhibition is generously sponsored by Ruth Baker and the Charles Baker Trust.

Jan 28. Uncorked LA Wine Fest

The Uncorked LA Wine Festival”returns to our beautiful Union Station bringing with it the chance to enjoy over 150 wines from across the globe. Yes, that’s right, over 150 wines to explore! Wow! If you are thirsty this is the place to be, Tomatoes, whether you are a wine aficionado or not.

In addition, you can visit the festivals’ gourmet local food trucks for tasty eats, listen to a live band and DJ while tasting the wonderful wines.  You can’t beat that combination, especially at such a fantastic location like Union Station. Uncorked LA benefits the national charity “A Kid Again” ( A Kid Again is a wonderful non-profit fostering hope, happiness and healing for families raising a child with a life-threatening condition. They provide ongoing, cost-free, group activities for children and their families to remember what it was to live carefree, create fun-filled memories, and give illness a time out.  What every child deserves.

FEB 5.  0livia Jones Comes Alive

The Skirball Cultural Center is hosting this special book release celebration which also includes a performance. You don’t get that very often with a book release, Tomatoes. Author and advocate Phillip Brown’s work of historical fiction, “Olivia Jones”, is brought to life under the direction of acclaimed spoken word artist Rain Wilson as she weaves the story together with actors, dancers, and live music in this staged reading. This is truly a special event.

Author and advocate Phillip Brown’s new literary work tells the story of a girl raised in the Deep South who seeks to right the wrongs of her father and repair her nation’s past. Told through a series of flashbacks narrated by the determined Olivia, the story takes us on a harrowing journey as she prompts the uncovering of family secrets no one was ever supposed to find out. A Q&A, book signing, and reception will follow the performance.

JAN 29. Happy Birthday Marion!

Heads up Tomatoes! It’s a birthday party and you’re invited and it won’t cost you a dime. The Annenberg Community Beach House and Santa Monica Conservancy will be celebrating the life and times of Marion Davies, the famed silent film actress, philanthropist, businesswoman, party hostess and the original Beach House resident. Marion Davies would be over 120 years young if she were still here today. But who’s counting.  Happy Birthday Marion!

Join the fun and celebrate Marion Davies — legendary silent film actress, pioneering businesswoman, philanthropist, and the original Beach House hostess. There will be fun for all ages with live music, a dance showcase, magic performance, and more. Immerse yourself in a roaring 20s attitude. Don your favorite Gold Coast era glad rags and head on over! You are in store for a marvelous time, Ladies. RSVPs are requested.



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