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We hope to see your beautiful faces at the launch of our first The Three Tomatoes film series events Sat. Sept. 19.   A “shout-out “ to “Our House”, a nonprofit in LA helping so many with their journey to deal with grief.  Ulta Beauty stores all across Los Angeles are having their annual sale.  And you must visit the expanded Westfield Topanga Mall.

LA Film Event: Sept. 19, Screening "Women of '69 Unboxed"Sept. 19. The 3T Film Series Event

The Boomer generation started the revolution to change things for women in the 60’s. It was the dawn of a new era for women where they had freedom to make choices in their role in society and change their own destiny. By highlighting the power and talent of women over 40 in film, The Three Tomatoes hopes to give women today more choices in their destiny and finally change the role of “women who aren’t kids” in show biz. .  It’s time we see our fabulous selves reflected in the media.  Join us for the screening, panel discussion and reception tomorrow.  Egad it is tomorrow! It will be fun and engaging…I promise tomatoes.

There are still big issues in the fight for women’s rights to be addressed across the board but the fight against ageism and sexism for women in the film industry are still on. The time is ripe for change with many celebrities chiming in on lack of women represented in the film industry in front and behind the camera.  And for a woman over 40 that task gets even harder. The media has a deeply profound effect on the views of society and it is time for change on how we are perceived in this youth oriented culture. There are still tickets left! Special Prices for Students and Faculty.  Reserve on line in advance or buy tickets at the door.

LA Life, ULTA beauty sales, 21 days, the three tomatoesNow to Sept. 26. Ulta Beauty Sale

Ulta Beauty is a chain of beauty product superstores with a ton of amazing products and name brands.  Their annual event “21 Days of Beauty” is happening now tomatoes through September 26 at Ulta Beauty stores across LA.  I’m sure there is one near you. Call me crazy but I’ve never been to one…well I’ll going now…before the sale ends gals.  I love a deal!  Each day throughout the 21 days, there will also be one-day-only Beauty Steals.


LA Life, the village, the three tomatoesOpening Sept 18 – The Village 

I’ve been passing buy the construction for 18 months now and wondering what the heck they were building…another mall? Well, this is not just any mall but the biggest mall (550,000 sq. ft.) in all of Southern California with an open air corridor flowing between two existing malls, on the south and the north. There’s even trolley cars running, 100-year old Sycamores and local plant life throughout and a community center…my goodness the list goes on.  It may technically be a mall but the name is accurate…it’s The Village…and I can’t wait to visit.

You can shop, hear music, see a movie, get beautified, dine, enjoy museum quality art and culture all while feeling like you are in a park.  Hey, sounds like a place to take a mini vacation.  This is definitely a new generation of malls and will give The Grove a run for its money!

LA Life, our house, the three tomatoesOur House

Our House”, headed by clinical director Fredda Wasserman, is considered one of the nation’s most respected centers for grief support and education. So often a helping hand is needed to cope with the intensity of the loss of a loved one, which can be mystifying, surprising, baffling and filled with conflicting emotions. Our House is there to offer support, education and understanding through its programs and support groups with no cost to the individuals in need in Los Angeles. Keep up the great work “Our House”.

The overwhelming nature of grief is unique with each individual.   Amazing committed and trained volunteers give their time and hearts to grieving adults and children.  This tomato takes her hat off to all the staff that give assistance to people in their darkest hours.  Our House believes; “…that you will be not be “done” grieving at the conclusion of your OUR HOUSE group. On the contrary, we know that grief is a life-long process. Your grief will ebb and flow, but you will find that over time it will not be as raw and constant as it was in the beginning. While there will be times throughout your life when your grief will be quite intense, we anticipate that you will go on to have a full, rewarding, and meaningful life.” Learn more.


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