JIGGYWIGGITS Walk, Festival of Books, Estate Showcase

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The JIGGYWIGGITS are on the move again in Pasadena raising funds for MS and they need the support of LA tomatoes. And talking about good causes…The Pasadena Showcase House of Design is opening its doors to raise funds for a terrific cause. The LA Times Festival of Books returns to the USC campus this weekend for two days of music, food, art, and …books.

April 17. Walk MS

JIGGYWIGGITS Walk, Festival of Books, Estate Showcase

Tomatoes can join the JIGGYWIGGITS team at the Pasadena Rose Bowl to walk for a cure and provide programs to help those living with Multiple Sclerosis like our friend Gail Gerber’s husband Michael Gerber. Or you can make a pledge to the JIGGYWIGGITS team (don’t you just love that name) to become a donor. Walk or donate to create a world free of MS tomatoes! Yee Ha!

Walk MS helps the National Multiple Sclerosis Society team up with all those affected by MS and their family and friends to become a powerful force. With every step taken, every dollar raised…they’re that much closer to ending MS forever. There are more walks happening all over the state so check it out ladies.

April 17 – May 15. Pasadena House of Design Showcase
JIGGYWIGGITS Walk, Festival of Books, Estate Showcase

Opening the doors of a newly renovated extraordinary estate and garden with the important cause of funding music programs throughout Los Angeles just makes the Pasadena House of Design Showcase even more enticing tomatoes. The Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA), an all volunteer non-profit, is behind this great fundraising event to further music education for all our children in LA.  Bravo! If you love design and helping kids appreciate music rush to get tickets  ladies. I plan to be there with bells on.

Founded in 1948, and formerly known as The Pasadena Junior Philharmonic Committee, PSHA adopted the Pasadena Showcase House of Design as their annual benefit in 1965. Each year a new color palette is chosen and the colors chosen in 2016 accentuate this year’s Mission Style Estate and stay true to the authenticity of the original design with a California flair. If you love HGTV this is a chance to get up close and personal to home and garden design… just on a much larger scale.

April 9-10. Festival of Books
JIGGYWIGGITS Walk, Festival of Books, Estate Showcase

Inspiration soars at the LA Times Festival of Books.  There are hundreds of vendors selling everything related to…books, books and more books tomatoes. Yep, books are the name of the game but there is so much more to this book festival. Each spring book lovers flock to the annual two-day event and I suggest you do too ladies.

The outdoor book fair features stalls from a variety of booksellers as well as author readings, signings and culinary demos. The variety and quality of talent present is legendary. Even the kiddos and grandkiddos will love it with discovering new titles, watching screenings and enjoying music and cultural entertainment tomatoes.


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