In A Style Rut?

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Do you like your look, but feel like you’re wearing the same things over and over?  Is it time to shake it up a bit?  If you’re in a ‘style rut’, don’t fret – there are simple things you can do to update your look.  And a new look doesn’t require heading to the store or making drastic changes – just a fresh eye on how you wear what you wear may be all you need.  So check out our suggestions and try something new – we’re sure everyone will ask, “Where’d you get that?”  And you can honestly say, “I’ve had it in my closet forever!”

In A Style Rut?


In A Style Rut?

You’re already skilled in wearing daring hues, but if your comfort zone is pairing colors with neutrals, put a spin on it by grabbing one color, and then adding another.  The most comfortable combos are focused in warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) or cool colors (blues and greens).  But if you want to be a bit more aggressive, pair contrasting colors, like blue with yellow.  Any way you try it – be sure to have some fun, and be prepared to get some attention.


In A Style Rut?

If you’re not a bold color gal, you can still play with different hues by changing how you wear your neutrals.  Pair pales, like ivory, grey, cream and camel.  Go for only one – wear all navy or all olive.  Or combine for contrast – classic black and white gets amplified when you wear a black top with a white skirt, or a black dress with a white jacket.


In A Style Rut?

You know that belts were made for pants, but did you know that they’re made for coats, dresses and cardigans?  Go ahead and dare to cinch your fitted jacket, put a belt over your cardigan, or belt a dress with a defined waist.  And when you’re ready for the next level, use a thicker belt to create a waist with a shapeless dress or roomy coat.


In A Style Rut?

Flats are incredibly on trend right now, so if you’re a heel girl, it may be time to flatten it out.  Options range from menswear-inspired lace-ups to pointy toe sling-backs to classic loafers.  You can even shake it up with a pair of colorful sneakers to replace your go-to ballet flats on the weekend.



If you’re normally understated with your jewelry choices, create a strong focal point with one big piece.  A statement necklace, impressive bangle or chunky ring will add some drama and interest to your look, so you can keep the rest simple and still feel stylish.


In A Style Rut?

If you have distinct ‘casual’ and ‘dressy’ sections of your closet, it’s time to mix it up.  When you’re heading out to a cocktail party, casual-ize your fancy dress with a leather bomber jacket.  Getting errands done on the weekend?  Dress-ify your Saturday look with a sequined tank layered under your jacket.  Or trade in your workday pencil skirt for a lace one – and throw on a simple t-shirt to shake it up even more.

Paul JulchPaul Julch helps busy people to streamline, organize, and update their wardrobes so they can get dressed with ease and always look stylish and feel confident. Any budget, any lifestyle, any body.  His business is Urbanite|Suburbanite, and he works with clients to develop a modern, current, versatile wardrobe that expresses personal style rather than trends. Paul is based in the SF Bay Area, and remote wardrobe & style coaching is available for out-of-towners. Visit Paul’s website  for more style advice, and follow him on Facebook , and Instagram to stay up to date on the best styling tips and tricks.


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