Hypnosis as A Healthy Alternative

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It happens that being healthy is so in vogue now, and so is “alternative” medicine–especially for middle age women who face a variety of emotional and physical changes that can be life altering. Hypnosis has been around for centuries, but has sadly been surrounded by the stigma of Las Vegas charlatans; and characterized by Freud, a watch and a couch.  In reality, there is nothing funny about hypnosis and the health benefits are no joke. Major medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Sloane Kettering, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins and others all utilize hypnosis as an adjunct in treating a variety of medical conditions.

Hypnosis as A Healthy Alternative

Medical Hypnosis utilizes positive suggestions in the treatment of both physical and emotional disorders. Medical Hypnosis is dynamic, short term, and directed. It at resolving the underlying unconscious causes responsible for the physical or emotional symptoms, negative thinking and unwanted behavior. It is extremely helpful in determining the origin/root cause of a person’s problem, because it reaches regions of the mind that cannot be easily reached in the normal waking state. As a result individuals experience changes in sensation, perception, thought or behavior corresponding to his or their mental or physical health needs.

Weight Control and Smoking

Hypnosis is highly effective in treating eating and smoking addictions. Exploring the unconscious relationship with how food or cigarettes may be a coping mechanism for dealing with emotional distress, the stress can be eliminated through changed behavior and thought patterns resulting in healthier eating patterns. Hypnotic suggestions can also make the act of smoking or eating certain foods become repulsive, via foul tastes or other physical unpleasantness.

Pain Management

Medical hypnosis to be helpful for acute and chronic pain. Hypnosis can also work to program the mind to direct your attention away from pain. In this way you will perceive far less discomfort. Also, hypnosis pain management programs can help our mind realize and understand that the pain is there, but not to let us suffer from it.


Hypnosis is termed as the practice which makes your brain attain relaxation while you are awake. The process of treating insomnia in order to have peaceful sleep is termed as sleep insomnia. According to research, a person’s brain is more active and more open to guidance while the brain is unconscious. When you are treated with sleep hypnosis, you are sure to find the outcome of the treatment during your first session where you can sense the changes taking effect and you now are obtaining peaceful sleep.

How Does It Work?

With help of endorphins (a natural hormone our brain produces), the brain is capable of inducing analgesia, which is a mild anesthesia, as well as full anesthesia (numbness). During hypnosis, the conscious part of the brain is temporarily tuned out as the person focuses on relaxation and lets go of distracting thoughts. When hypnotized, a person may experience physiologic changes such as a slowing of the pulse and respiration, and an increase in alpha brain waves. The person may also become more open to specific suggestions and goals such as reducing pain. In the post-suggestion phase, the therapist reinforces continued use of the new behavior.

While you’re under hypnosis, the hypnotherapist suggests ways for you to achieve specific goals, such as reducing pain or stress or helping to eliminate the cravings associated with smoking cessation. Vivid pictures in your mind called mental imagery can bring a powerful way to help bring about what you want to achieve. The word “sleep” is often used to help people enter into a state of hypnosis, yet you will not actually be asleep.  You will be almost asleep.  To many people it is more like dreaming or daydreaming.  In fact, when you daydream you are actually in a state of hypnosis. Having an open mind will give you another option to help create a healthier body. Think about it.

Dr. Ellyn Gamberg is a psychotherapist licensed in both New York and in Florida; and is nationally certified in Clinical Hypnosis. Dr. Gamberg has developed an expertise in Medical Hypnosis where she treats individuals with conditions such as chronic pain, migraine headaches, cancer, IBS, and obesity. In addition to maintaining a clinical practice for over twenty years, Dr. Gamberg has held faculty positions at variety of major colleges and universities. Her expertise in the area of wellness has been sought after by media, medical facilities; and private corporations to help address the overwhelming challenges of stress, anxiety and depression which affect millions of our nation’s children and adults. Dr. Gamberg currently sees patients in her New York City office. She can be contacted at WWW.DRELLYNGAMBERG.COM ; email  drg@drgamberg.com



  • Dr. Ellyn Gamberg

    Dr. Ellyn Gamberg is a psychotherapist specializing in wellness and ageing; and is the founder of Elder Blue Solutions, Inc. In response to our country’s growing need for Geriatric Mental Health Practitioners she has recently obtained Certification as a Geriatric Scholar through the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. Her new company, Elder Blue Solutions, Inc. provides the highest level of Coordinated Care and Case Management to address both the Behavioral Health and Legal challenges of ageing. Through providing evaluation, national resources and referrals across the country families and their Elders can find solutions that are right for them. Dr. Gamberg maintains a private clinical practice in New York City. As a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Hypnosis Dr. Gamberg treats medical conditions such as chronic pain, migraine headaches, IBS, cancer, and obesity; along with psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression. As a consultant to hospitals, private corporations and the media Dr. Gamberg advocates and teaches mindful meditation for stress reduction and positive health. She is the author of the book Occasional Therapy for Your Mid-Life Years: How to Combat the Crisis. Dr. Gamberg can be contacted at www.elderbluesolutions.com or www.drgamberg.com.

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