How to Look Great and Feel Confident in Leggings

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How to Look Great and Feel Confident in Leggings

We all know how easy, cute, and oh-so-comfortable leggings can be. They’re great for working out, doing chores, or relaxing. But as the “athleisure” trend keeps going strong, many women also love wearing leggings as part of their everyday wardrobe. And they have good reason to do so; well-made leggings are stylish, slimming, and flattering. When styled correctly, they can help you create casual and dressier outfits that make you shine.

However, not all leggings are created equal. Leggings that are too sheer or poorly constructed can have the opposite effect of the look you’re going for. Further, some women might hesitate to wear leggings for fear that they are too youthful or possibly too revealing (OR unflattering). Put your mind at ease! The great news is that leggings can look stylish and even polished and sophisticated when you choose the right materials, pair them with the right tops, and adhere to certain style guidelines. Read on for my best advice for looking sleek, modern, and fabulous in leggings.

When in doubt, choose leggings in basic black. Leggings come in a rainbow of colors and a variety of patterns. These all look great at the gym, but when it comes to dressing for everyday life, you’ll never go wrong with a standard pair of black leggings. To spice up your look a bit further, try black faux-leather leggings to give your outfit a dressier or edgier feel.

How to Look Great and Feel Confident in Leggings

Pay attention to the quality and fit. A high-quality pair of leggings will consist of a thick, sturdy material (they should never be transparent!) and have well-reinforced stitching. They should be stretchy enough to fit closely to your body without puckering, bunching, or gaping. Make sure you choose the correct size. If they are skintight, go up a size; if they sag, or feel as if they might sag after a few hours of wear, try a size smaller.

Balance your look with the right top. Leggings typically look nicest when you pair them with longer tops. So choose a longer t-shirt, tunic, or sweater to wear with them. You can also wear leggings beneath a skirt or dress such as a shift or sweater dress.

How to Look Great and Feel Confident in Leggings
Add an outer layer. Leggings look great as part of a layered outfit. As we move into fall, you will appreciate the added warmth of layers. So after you’ve chosen your top, throw on a cozy outer layer. Ponchos, long cardigans, loose sweaters, vests, and lightweight leather jackets will all complement the look you’ve created.
How to Look Great and Feel Confident in Leggings

Pair your leggings with a heeled ankle boot for fall. This will further accentuate your leg line, making you appear slimmer and taller. And if you prefer to wear your leggings with a flat—perhaps a stylish fashion sneaker, a mule, loafer, or ballet flat—choose a shorter legging that stops slightly above the ankle.

How to Look Great and Feel Confident in Leggings

Top everything off with eye-catching jewelry. A great piece of bold jewelry will elevate your overall look. Choose some oversize earrings, or a bold necklace, or a glitzy ring to add a little extra flair to your outfit. But then make sure any other jewelry or accessories you choose are more understated.

Give your leggings some laundry love. Turn your leggings inside out before you wash them and place them in a mesh bag before they go into the washing machine. Launder them in cool water using a gentle detergent, and carefully lay them over a laundry rack to dry. This prevents fading and sagging, and ensures that your leggings will stand the test of time.

Don’t say goodbye to your non-legging pants. Thanks to their soft and stretchy material, most leggings have the added benefit of being very forgiving of weight fluctuations. Therefore, if you live in your leggings 24-7, you may have trouble noticing when you gain a few extra pounds. That’s why it is a good idea to alternate between wearing leggings and zippered pants with a waistband. Choosing a more structured pair of pants some of the time gives you a realistic sense of your body size and serves as a great reminder to stay on track with healthy habits.

These guidelines will help you look your best in leggings. But don’t forget that the person you’re really dressing for is you! No matter what you choose to wear, or how you choose to wear it, you should strive to make yourself happy first. Embrace the clothes you love, and you will feel full of confidence and ease every day.


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  1. Sheila Lewis says:

    thanks. I love leggings and have burned through a ton…shopping now seems challenging, but will look for new ones and use your laundering tips. And they make me feel more youtful…not to mention, warm in cool weather.

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