How to Date In the Age of Coronavirus

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By Sandy Weiner, founder Last First Date and Woman of Value

date in the age of coronavirus

We’re in the middle of a pandemic. The global spread of coronavirus has led to anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty. With social isolation, it makes our lives even more challenging, especially if you’re single. How do we figure out how to date in the age of coronavirus? In this video, I share a few ideas to help you get through the next few weeks.

How to Date In the Age of Coronavirus

If you haven’t yet met…

  • Keep online dating ONLINE!
  • Text to get to know each other and see if there’s a connection
  • Then, talk on the phone
  • Instead of a face-to-face date, have FaceTime or Skype dates
  • Focus on building true intimacy, getting to know someone emotionally
  • Date once the social isolation has been lifted and we’re in the clear
  • Or if you do want to meet now, no touching, unless you go for an elbow bump. The weather is getting warmer here in the United States, so why not go for a walk while keeping a safe distance from each other? Stay away from closed spaces with a lot of people like a bar or restaurant, which is a moot point in most cities where bars and restaurants are closed.

Tinder posted a message to its users about some precautions to take if you do go on dates: “Wash your hands frequently,” “carry hand sanitizer,” “avoid touching your face,” and “maintain social distance in public gatherings.”

If we can see the silver lining in the coronavirus, this is an excellent time to…

✓ Take a break from dating
✓ Tweak your online profile
✓ Search for meetups and other social events in your area, and fill up your social calendar for a month or two from now when the restrictions are lifted.

How to Date in the Age of Coronavirus?

Figure out what you’re most comfortable with, and do what makes sense to you. Remember this too shall pass, and one day, dating in the age of coronavirus will make for some great stories to tell on future dates!


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