High Tea at the High Tea Cottage

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high tea cottage, the three tomatoesI’ve always thought the San Fernando Valley missed one very essential element for us…a place for enjoying the classic culture of scrumptious scones, tea sandwiches and traditional afternoon tea.  Well, little did I know that we have The High Tea Cottage, situated in Woodland Hills, which is very convenient for us “Valley” tomatoes. It’s a lovely little cottage with an elegant parlor and patio, tables adorned with beautiful fine china and crisp white linen, stunning arrangements of flowers, impeccable service and yummy food and tea. You will feel like a queen and will be treated accordingly ladies.

I’ve been around the block, as they say, when it comes to dining out for afternoon tea and The High Tea Cottage is first-rate tomatoes.

high tea cottage, the three tomatoesI found it to be a little piece of heaven and a very welcome respite.  I was also in store for a little something different than other tea places,  when our server came to our table.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise but it was fun and took me to a new level of appreciation for tea. We had the yummy 3-course High Tea and I was pleasantly surprised by the plentiful portions. They have a terrific array of options on the menu and pricing as well.  A word to the wise… High Tea Cottage is VERY popular…Very. Need I say more? Reservations come to mind. The owner Anne has had tea with the Queen and a President and catered High Tea for celebrities and political figures.  Her love for the ritual shows in every detail of the High Tea Cottage.

High Tea Cottage. 21938 Costanso St, Woodland Hills, CA 91364/ (818) 887-2117


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  1. Hey Debbie, I love High Tea Cottage! I have been taken there and taken friends there many times. It is one of my favorite spots to take for a special day. They never fail to make it a special afternoon.

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