Free Webinars with Tips on Working Remotely

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by Deborah Goldstein, Founder Driven Professionals

Free Webinars with Tips on Working Remotely

The world sure has changed dramatically over the last couple of weeks, even days! Just as quickly, the way many of us do business has also changed. And it will likely remain this way for quite some time.
Are you positioned in your physical space and your headspace to be productive working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic? Does your team have a clearly articulated plan for communication during the months ahead? As you know, virtual work can be highly productive, or not. It also harbors the potential for procrastination, poor communication within and across teams, and other unhealthy work habits, like overworking your brain.
To support DRIVEN’s network of clients, prospects and colleagues during this huge transition, we’ve scheduled 3 interactive complimentary webinars this coming week to help you navigate the transition more smoothly. These high-level overviews will focus on Personal Productivity helping you through the struggles of creating a routine, mitigating interruptions and distractions, and feeling connected.
What experiences will we likely provide during the webinars?

  • Knowledge and practices to maximize your virtual productivity and your personal wellbeing at the same time.
  • An understanding of the connection between productivity and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.
  • Real-time exercises and practices to enhance productivity and energy.

How will you benefit if you attend?

  • You’ll gain tools for better focus.
  • You’ll learn and practice mindfulness techniques.
  • You’ll discover ideas for living a healthier life that take zero time!

Virtual productivity offers a silver lining to the widespread Coronavirus restrictions. Seeing our current reality through the lens of the growth mindset, we can take this opportunity to become more productive. Those open to making small tweaks in their daily habits will live a healthier, more fulfilled, less exhausting life. 
I invite you to sign up for and share information about the webinars with your team, your colleagues and your network. Please also submit your current concerns, challenges and questions prior to the sessions, to ensure we provide value for YOU.

These free and indispensable sessions will be concise, to-the-point, and will take up a mere sliver of your time. Choose which date fits your schedule:

Now, go ahead and give yourself a mental fist pump for doing something positive and powerful for yourself and for other driven professionals!

These are unusual and dangerous times; I stand at the ready with the tools and guidance to help pull you through.


  • Deborah Goldstein

    Deborah Goldstein is a coach and consultant driven to support the health, well-being & success potential of motivated professionals. Her organization, DRIVEN Professionals works with organizations to build healthy workplace WoWs (Ways of Working) where inclusion, mindfulness and intentional productivity are embedded into their cultural DNA.

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