Four Styles Tomatoes Need for Fall

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You know what I hate? Those lists of ‘must-have’ items that seem to come out every season. Because they basically assume that you need the same things as everyone else. But you don’t. You have a personal style that’s all your own. You know what makes sense for your day to day lifestyle. You know what makes you feel good. And those ‘must-haves’ are less lists of what will work for you – and more lists of what you’ll find in stores.

But here’s the deal: I’ve been a full time wardrobe stylist for over 9 years. I’ve been in over 300 closets (at last count). And I’ve created 1000’s of outfits. And in all that time (and with all those clients), there are a few things that I introduce to new clients every fall. Items that fill specific holes in their wardrobes, that align with their style and lifestyle, and allow them to create a bunch of fall outfits.

And the interesting thing about the styles I suggest is that they’re items my clients had never thought about. They may have realized a need for a fall jacket – but had no idea what made sense for their lifestyle. They noticed that their spring/summer sneakers left them with cold ankles in the fall – but they never explored other options. They knew that simple t-shirts wouldn’t necessarily cut it as a cold weather layer – but other tops hadn’t made it into their closets. So, here are 4 fall styles that I consistently introduce to new clients, that they didn’t know they needed. Because you might need them, too.


If you’ve read my articles previously (or follow me on Instagram), you know how I feel about a third piece. A third piece is a cardigan or jacket or blazer that totally pulls together your look. I’m not going to say it’s magical, but it sure does pack a style punch. And in the fall, third pieces are pretty crucial to your look, since you’ll wear one most every day.

So, when I have clients that love their denim jacket, I guide them to a suede moto jacket as its fall counterpart. It’s as easy to throw on as a denim jacket. And if you choose a color that goes with the majority of your wardrobe, it works over a ton of outfits (if you’re not into a moto jacket, click here for other denim jacket alternatives). And it’s not as serious as a black leather moto jacket, so it transcends styles a bit easier.

And here’s a little secret – I love faux suede moto jackets. Yes, you can invest in real suede. But for many of my clients, faux is more attainable. And it feels less precious than real suede – so you don’t feel bad when you toss it in the back seat of your car on balmy fall afternoons.

Faux suede moto jackets all by Kut from the Kloth, except the olive by Lysse


I have clients who love their jeans. They pretty much live in their jeans. But they sometimes get bored, because all their outfits are based in blue jeans. In warmer weather, I show them options to blue jeans that are just as versatile (read about them here). And in colder weather, I introduce many of them to corduroy jeans.

Corduroy jeans are honestly a no-brainer if you’re always in jeans. It’s the same fit and feel that you love, but in a heavier fabric. So, it’s totally fall/winter friendly. And you can find them in a range of colors (everything from neutrals to jewel tones) and fits (skinny, straight, flare, boot, boyfriend).

Corduroy jeans by (left to right) by Wit & Wisdom, Madewell, Kut from the Kloth, AG, AG


T-shirts are great, right? They’re the perfect layer that works under different third pieces, and you can throw them under other things, too. But if your go-to outfit formula is a nice t-shirt with a cardigan or casual jacket, you might get cold soon. So, how about lightweight sweaters? When many of my clients think of sweaters, they think of heavy ones – chunky cotton, wool, cashmere, alpaca, etc. But thin, lightweight sweaters have a place in your closet, too. Because they’re as easy to layer as a t-shirt, but they make more sense when temperatures dip.

I honestly prefer lightweight sweaters to heavy ones. Yes, there’s nothing like a thick, cozy sweater when it’s freezing out – but have you ever tried to get the sleeve of a thick sweater into slimmer jacket? Lightweight sweaters are easier to layer and they’re more versatile (read this for why I love lightweight layers). So, they definitely deserve a spot in most wardrobes.

Lightweight sweaters (left to right) by Treasure & Bond, Vince Camuto, Halogen, Eloquii


To be honest, I didn’t know exactly what to call this one. Sneaker booties? Ankle sneakers? High tops? But I think you know where I’m going, right? When I have clients who wear sneakers day in and day out, I recommend sneaker booties as a great idea for fall. Why? Because they have the structure and comfort of a sneaker, but they come up higher on your ankle. So, they offer more coverage, and you can easily wear socks. (Yes, you can wear socks with regular sneakers, too. But you don’t need to worry about the color of your socks when no one can see them, right?)

Sneaker booties (left to right, top row) by Bella Vita, Birdies, Gentle Souls, Chocolat Blu; (bottom row) Ecco, Ecco, Ryka

And here are two bonus styles that a bunch of my clients love in fall:

Black coated jeans – these are regular cotton blend jeans that have a shiny coating, so they look like faux leather. So, they’re a great option if you like the idea of an edgier jean (or something different for going out) – but you’re not into faux leather leggings or pants.

Lightweight quilted vests – I love a quilted vest for many reasons, but specifically for its versatility. You can wear it as an outer layer in early fall. You can wear it as an in-between layer (under your coat) when it’s really cold. It’s the perfect pumpkin patch/farmers market third piece when you’re already wearing a sweater, and you want some freedom of movement. And it’s great if your day is part inside/part outside (that’s why I wear one when I shop in outdoor malls in the fall).

Are any of these styles already in your closet? Or on your fall wishlist? Comment to let me know!

If you’re finally ready to evolve your style – or you want a partner in the process of figuring out what you need in your wardrobe – contact me to set up a Zoom consultation. We’ll talk about your needs and I’ll explain the process I’ve used with hundreds of clients. And you can ask any questions you may have.

And if you’re just curious about what it’s like to work with a stylist, read about my services and see what my clients have to say about working together.


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