Foodies Delight

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Sponsored Page:  Here are a few of our favorite wine and food purveyors.

Our Favorite Food Purveyors

Foodies Delight, addeo bakery, italian bakery, arthur avenue, bronx little italy, canollis, fresh baked bread, the three tomatoesADDEO BAKERS. For over 80 years, the Addeo family has been making quality Italian bread and biscuits to much acclaim in Bronx Little Italy. Founded by Gennaro and Vincenza Addeo, this fantastic family business has passed on through the generations to Gennaro’s sons Laurence and Salvatore and now to grandsons Laurence and Thomas, who continue to turn out their legendary crusty breads, rolls, and specialty items to the delight of their extremely loyal customers. Racks are piled high with amazing pane di casa, breadsticks, semolina, ciccola bread made with pork, chocolate rolls, and much more. The aroma of freshly baked bread so entices that it’s no wonder fans say “Run as fast as you can to Addeo’s!” Go to for more information.

Addeo Bakers, 2372 Hughes Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458 (718) 367-8316

borgatti ravioli & egg noodlesBORGATTI’S RAVIOLI & EGG NOODLES.Since 1935, when Lindo and Maria Borgatti founded Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles, to the next generations of owners, Mario and now his son, Chris, this superb family-run business has built up a reputation to be envied. And with good reason: everything about Borgatti’s is under the personal supervision of the Borgatti Family making it a can’t-miss stop on a visit to Bronx Little Italy. Every variety of fresh ravioli, noodles and pasta are expertly prepared using the finest quality flours, cheeses, meats, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, pesto, and other mouthwatering ingredients. You’ve got to see and taste for yourself why customers say it’s “Well Worth The Trip.” Go to for more information. Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles, 632 E. 187th Street, Bronx, NY 10458 (718) 367-3799

teitel brothers, arthur avenue, little italy bronx, foodies delights, italian meats, the three tomatoesTEITEL BROTHERS. Over 100 years ago Jacob and Morris Teitel opened their “corner deli” at the intersection of Arthur Avenue and 186th Street in the heart of the REAL Little Italy. Back then the brothers would carve chunks of quality Parmigiano Reggiano and slices of prosciutto by hand. They ladled olives and olive oil from wooden barrels and scooped pasta from 100lb sacks. Today the barrels and sacks have been replaced by cans, bottles and jars, and include several private label brands of extra virgin olive oils produced in Italy especially for Teitel Brothers. The store is now run by Jacob’s son Gilbert and his three sons. What remains from the store’s legacy is the same fantastic personal service and the variety and quality of specialty products sold at the lowest prices. Go to for more information. Teitel Brothers, 2372 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458 (718) 733-9400

vincents meat market, little italy bronx, arthur avenue, foodies delights, the three tomatoesVINCENT’S MEAT MARKET. In this era of super stores and impersonal service, Vincent’s Meat Market truly stands out as an original Mom & Pop gem. Located on famed Arthur Avenue in the REAL Little Italy in the Bronx, Vincent’s is a meat market with skilled, customer-friendly butchers, custom cuts, and the finest quality meats and poultry at low prices. Planning for that upcoming barbeque or family reunion? Stop by or give a call to talk to one of our knowlegeable butchers to plan your menu. We offer cooking advice, serving tips, and recipes, and we even deliver to the Bronx, Westchester, Connecticut and Manhattan. Go to for more information. Vincent’s Meat Market, 2374 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458 (718) 295-9048.

vic raimos brands, italian artisian wine, italian wines, the three tomatoesItalian Artisan Wines Delivered Direct to Your Door. If you’ve attended any of our events in the past year, you had the good fortune to taste some of the fabulous Italian wines from V E Raimo Brands and to meet Vic Raimo whose passion is to bring the distinctive tastes of regional Italian wines to the states. Many of you have asked when the wines would be available for purchase and now they are! These are limited production, estate produced and bottled wines from generational vineyards, renown in their particular regions of Italy, and until now, only available in Italy. Each has won awards in international competition yet they retain their hand crafted quality. We have personally tasted each of these wines and they are wonderful! And the best part? They’re so affordable you’ll want to buy a case of each!


Foodies Delight. You know the old adage, life is too short to drink bad wine. Well the same goes with food. If you’re going to indulge from time to time, indulge in the very best. Here are a few of our favorite wine and food purveyors.

Foodies Delight

Foodies Delight. You know the old adage, life is too short to drink bad wine. Well the same goes with food. If you’re going to indulge from time to time, indulge in the very best. Here are a few of our favorite wine and food purveyors.

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