Dating after 40: The Dating Experts Weigh in

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Dating after 40: The Dating Experts Weigh in
Dating after 40: The Dating Experts Weigh in

Four Experts Share Their Dating Advice

Dating after 40: The Dating Experts Weigh in
The dating panel: Sandy Weiner, Bonnie Winston, Antonia Kasper, moderator Roni Jenkins

Our “Ultimate Dating Advice” event this week in NYC was terrific. We had an amazing panel of three dating experts who will offered their advice, guidance and inspiration to help you navigate today’s dating world and hopefully find a mate. And before the panel we heard from psychotherapist and relationship expert, Beatty Cohan on how to make better choices.

Here are some video highlights, photos from the event and the top three dating tips from each of our experts.

Dating Tips

Sandy Weiner – Dating Coach. Sandy is an internationally known TEDx speaker, women’s empowerment coach, dating and relationship coach, author, podcast host, and retreat leader. The founder of and, Sandy specializes in helping women achieve great things by overcoming fears, finding their authentic voice, and being valued for their full potential

Sandy’s Tips

  1. You must make peace with the past. Learn from all relationships so you can find the right partner this time.
  2. Most men are tired of doing all the chasing at this age, so stop waiting for him to pursue you. Instead, give him the ‘green light’ so he knows it’s safe to ask you out again and again.
  3. Don’t give up hope of finding love. It’s never too late, and you’re never too old! 

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Bonnie Winston – Celebrity Matchmaker. Bonnie has been a matchmaker since the age of 16 and has turned it into her own business, Bonnie Winston Matchmaker. She uses her extensive network of personal contacts and connections with other prominent matchmakers to “find you mates, not just dates.”

Bonnie’s Tips

1.There are only two emotions…fear and love. You will manifest whichever you put out there.

2.  Don’t put men in categories like “the divorced ones are sex addicts, the widows want to get married again, men over 60 want young women”. Everyone man is different like every snowflake…there are no two alike. 

3. Fuck the rules, be authentic AND choose kind!

Oct. 28. The Ultimate Dating Advice Event

Antonia Kasper – Author of “45 Coffee Dates.” In her quest to find a mate, Antonia Kasper, comedienne and actress, went on 45 coffee dates in 90 days and turned that experience into a one woman show and a soon to be released book, “45 Coffee Dates – In Search of My Soul-Mate through cyberspace and beyond”. She will share her online dating tips and her inspiring message that it’s never too late to right find your Mr. Right.

Antonia’s Tips

1. Don’t give up. Practice, practice, practice…dating. Sometimes it’s just a numbers game. Remember, it only takes one. 

2. Don’t reveal too much about yourself right away. (First few dates) Don’t lie but don’t go into yourself too much.  Let him shine. This keeps him curious about you but also (and most importantly) protects you from getting emotionally involved too soon and prevents you from getting hurt. 

3.  If you don’t feel confident, act as if you are confident and your confidence will eventually manifest.  (Fake it until you make it… real!) 

Special Guest:  Beatty Cohan “How to Make Better Choices”. Beatty Cohan is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, sex therapist, and author of For Better, for Worse, Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love. She’ll share key tips on how to make better choices and find lasting love. Beatty is a national speaker, columnist for the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Medium and The Three Tomatoes. She’s also the host of the ASK BEATTY SHOW on the Progressive Radio Network.

Beatty’s Tips

  1. Each of us needs to be in a good place emotionally, psychologically and psychiatrically BEFORE we will  be able to have a successful relationship with anyone.  We must deal with our skeletons in the close and unfinished business from our past and present so that we can be confident and feel good about ourselves as we navigate the world of dating. The relationship is the icing on the cake! 

2.  We need to learn the ingredients that go into a healthy relationship.  Reading, taking relationship education classes and therapy will all help clarify what healthy relationships are and are not.

3. I encourage people to read my book, For Better for Worse Forever:  Discover the Path to Lasting Love, which teaches you how to ASSESS who’s right or wrong for you BEFORE committing to any serious relationship.   My 10 step formula, has been successfully used by thousands of people world-wide.   It is based on my research with over 450 people and over 35 years of clinical experience.  It educates, empowers and will keep you safe!.

Dating after 40: The Dating Experts Weigh in

Attendees enjoying a wonderful wine tasting from wine guru James Russo. James is available for private events and parties to bring wine and share his vast knowledge of wine. Contact him at 631-463-6070.

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Join The Three Tomatoes at some of our fun events from wine trips, comedy nights, trunk shows, theater, tea at Gracie Mansion and more. Check out 3T Events for upcoming fun.

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