Casual Summer Dressing

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Summer is on the way, and here are some fun casual looks that will keep you looking great when you are out and about. Or not.

Casual Summer Dressing

Classic chic bohemian tunic dress. Cute little dress for running errands, lunch, or beach coverup. Amazon. $24.00,

Strappy Summer Gladiator Flat Sandals. Amazon $33.00

The Sak Casual Handbag. Amazon $54.00

Casual Summer Dressing

Cargo Medium Length Shorts. Relaxed fit, 98% cotton.  Amazon $21.00

Floral Tee Shirt. Amazon $17.99

Casual Summer Dressing

Lightweight, loose trouser. Easy to wear, lightweight soft fabric for a comfortable feminine touch. Amazon $23.00

Chiffon Summer Blouse. Amazon $24.00

BZees Slingbacks Sandal. Amazon $55.00

Casual Summer Dressing

Comfy Romper.We love these loose long bib pants with the wide leg. Throw a t-shirt underneath and it’s a fun casual summer loop. 100% cotton. Amazon $22.00

Strappy Summer Gladiator Flat Sandals. Amazon $33.00

Lightweight Straw Bag. Amazon $30.00


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