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With the writers’ and actors’ strike still going on, it’s good to know there’s a plethora of streaming shows to watch. Here are three that are binge-worthy. First up is “Dear Child,” a psychological thriller from Germany. We’re excited that Season 3 of The Morning Show is back. And last, we will watch anything with Idris Elba and Hijack will keep you on the edge of your seat.  These binge-worthy shows offer a welcome escape.

Dear Child

Where to watch: Netflix

In this Tomato’s humble opinion “Dear Child” is a thoroughly compelling, moving and fully satisfying German thriller with a terrific story line that keeps you guessing. Every performance in the cast is pitch perfect but the female leads are breathtaking. It’s a chilling, complex rollercoaster ride with lots of surprising twists and turns at that kept me on the edge of my seat.  I could not stop watching “Dear Child” because it was that good. So I did it in one sitting. Thank goodness it is only 6 episodes! Perfect for a binge.

~Reviewed by Debbie Zipp, The Three Tomatoes, LA Life Editor

Season 3:  The Morning Show

Where to watch: Apple TV

 Season 3 just premiered, and we can’t wait to start binging. If you haven’t seen this show yet, seasons 1 & 2 are available too. The show follows the anchors of a major morning network TV show, and all the people behind the scenes, and the corporate machinations. The behind-the-scenes intrigue, drama, jealousies, greed, and backstabbing will keep you glued as you go behind the scenes. The acting is terrific with a cast that includes: Jennifer Aniston, Reece Witherspoon, Billy Crudup, Steve Carell, Julianna Margulies, and Jon Hamm joining the cast this year.

~Reviewer, Cheryl Benton, aka, “the head tomato.”


Where to watch: Apple TV


I don’t know about you, but I will watch anything that has Idris Elba in it. This seven episode thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat, and I dare you not to binge watch. When Flight KA29 is hijacked during its seven-hour journey from Dubai to London, corporate negotiator Sam Nelson (Idris Alba) tries to use his professional skills to save everyone on board. The cast is excellent!

~Reviewer, Cheryl Benton, aka, “the head tomato.”


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