An Online Fashion Boutique that Makes Shopping Fun

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When’s the last time you felt shopping for clothes was fun? The last time it was fun for us was around the time Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was a hit. Well, here’s exciting news, Tomatoes. There’s a brand-new online shopping destination created with us in mind — grownup women who want stylish clothes that fit, and an effortless online shopping experience. It’s called VNV and it launched this week.

Clothes shopping should be fun and easy at any age.”

~Rachel and Janice, co-founders VNV

VNV is the brainchild of Rachel (a millennial) and Janice (a boomer) who met at a clothing boutique in Boston. They bonded over their love of fashion, and despite their age gap they both felt frustrated with shopping for clothes that were focused on the youth. Shouldn’t shopping be fun and easy at any age?! They wanted to make this happen. They envisioned a destination that’s easy to shop and delights with brands that are actually designed for our bodies and styles as they evolve. Modern, tasteful, classy, but also playful and interesting – just like us.

VNV was born to solve for style, fit and discovery for the modern woman.” ~Rachel and Janice

 They have curated designers from around the globe, from Israel to New York, China to London, who care about designing for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, and whose core customer is grownup women. They have launched with seven designers and will continue to add designers to offer their customers a variety of different styles and personal tastes.


Here are a few of the beautiful styles you will find at VNV.  Right now, the selections are limited but over time, they will expand to include a wide variety of styles, sizes and price points. Discover VNV for yourself.

Their style team consists of women with experience styling from luxury designers to small boutiques ranging in age from 35 years of age to 65 years of age, who collaborate to select items that reflect modern style with factors that matter as we age like wearability, ease of care, comfort, and quality.

A focus on fit instead of size. They use visuals with different sized/shaped models and each piece of clothing is catgorized by a “VNV Fit.”

Designed with grownup women in mind. From the user experience to important life events (Mother of the Bride anyone!?) VNV helps women find clothes for every occasion.

Have fun exploring.


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