Add a little Pop to Your Wardrobe

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Color is the easiest way to breathe life into your outfits and wardrobe, so it’s the ideal path to perk up your look for spring.  Feel fiery in flaming red and orange, show off your cheery disposition in sunshine-y yellow, keep it cool in bold blue and green, or express your regal side in vivacious violet and purple.  Whichever you choose, pick a hue with high impact – what I call a ‘pop color’.  And the most amazing thing about a fun ‘pop color’ is that once you find your favorite, you can intersperse it throughout your wardrobe for a truly signature style.

How can you discover your pop color?  First, remember that you’re looking for something eye-catching and attention-getting – you’ll be using this color to pep up your outfits!  Here’s how to find one:

  • What’s your favorite color?  Yes, sometimes it’s that simple.  If you already have a hue that you love, you can hit the ground running…
  • In your closet.  Look for the colors that exist in your closet for clues to your pop color preference (and by color, I mean ‘color color’, not neutrals).  Chances are, you have a blouse or dress in a favorite shade or prints that contain similar colors.  I have a client whose wardrobe is 95% shades of blue – jeans, navy jackets, striped shirts, etc.  But during our closet audit, I found a few prints, all of which had hits of pink.  So now we’re using shades of pink and fuchsia as her pop color, to add interest and joy to her everyday looks.
  • In your home.  People are often drawn to colors in their surroundings that might not be in their closets.  Are there colors in your house that you love, but are afraid to wear?  Well, now is the time to try one!
  • In your feed.  Check out your Pinterest page, your Instagram feed, etc. and look for continuity.  Are there colors that regularly pop up (pun intended)?  This is great insight into shades that you’re drawn to, but maybe haven’t considered wearing.

Whichever your preference, it’s time to embrace your pop color!  Use it not only to add spice to your outfits, but to help you create a modern, versatile, stylish wardrobe.  And if you’ve successfully chosen a specific hue to highlight, then you already have a few fun pieces that go together.


The most straightforward way to wear a pop color is to pick one that flatters your skin tone, and select a few tops, dresses, scarves, etc. that fit your lifestyle.  Sprinkle these throughout your wardrobe and add one pop to otherwise subtle looks.  And if your selected shade isn’t flattering to your face, don’t fret – wear it in a print, or on the bottom, or in an amazing accessory.

Notice how all the women below are pairing pop color pieces (whether it’s pants, tops, a dress or coat) with neutral shades, so that the color is the true focal point of their outfits – the veritable definition of pop!

photos from  Jadorefashion  and  Memorandum  

photos from Jadorefashion and Memorandum 

photos from  9to5chic  and  Times Fashion Desk

photos from 9to5chic and Times Fashion Desk


Prints and patterns are the little-known secrets of wearing colors that you may love, but that don’t love your skin tone.  Prints can diffuse the intensity of a color, while still providing impact.  And you can enhance that impact by pairing a print item with a solid version of your pop color for a head-turning look.

These style stars are playing with shades of mustard and yellow by taking a print piece (scarf or top) and pairing it with a solid item (jacket or bag) for looks that are much more than the sum of their parts.

photos from  Who What Wear  and  The Zoe Report

photos from Who What Wear and The Zoe Report


Accessories are an incredible way to add dimension and vitality to your wardrobe.  Even the simplest of outfits can become super stylish with the complement of bold, unique and fun accessories.  And when your different accessories are in the same pop color story, you’ll amp up your style statement even more.

These ladies have embraced red in a strong, yet not a hit-you-over-the-head manner by wearing different red accessories – and you can, too.  Mixing red shoes, bags, hats and scarves (in solids or prints) demonstrates major style savvy – and remember, the shades don’t need to match exactly, they just need to go together. 

photos from  Wendy's Lookbook  and  Bright on the Day

photos from Wendy’s Lookbook and Bright on the Day

photos from  Couturezilla  and  J'adore Couture

photos from Couturezilla and J’adore Couture


If you’re ready for an eye-catching and style-defining look, layer similar shades of your pop color.  Yes, this isn’t for the faint of heart, but if it’s time to be bold, this is the way to do it.

Check out these looks from two of my clients – they both already had all these pieces in their closets, but never thought of wearing them together.  You can do the same by layering pop tops and dresses with pop third pieces, or you can pick your favorite pop pant or skirt and add a like toned bag or shoe for your own street style moment.

DB orange outfit.jpg
EP pink outfit.jpg

So, what’s your pop color???



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