A Tale of Three Sisters…Les Sisters Southern Kitchen

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Les Sisters Southern Kitchen, the three tomatoesIt just makes sense this tomato of The Three Tomatoes would love Les Sisters Southern Kitchen and it’s 3 (I repeat, Three) marvelous founders Roda Hadi, Willie Stanford and Clara Huling (left to right). No they weren’t biological sisters but rather sisters in spirit. Sound familiar? When Clara Huling, Roda Hadi, and Willie Stanford opened a small café, specializing in three tantalizing categories: SMOKED, SPICY, & SOUL, in Chatsworth in 1986, none of them could possibly have predicted the bright future of their venture. For them, it was an adventure and an attempt to realize lifelong dreams. Each brought to the table a special talent.  

The first year was a trying experience, but after a few rave reviews from the likes of Elmer Dills, the LA Times, and Valley News, they survived. It’s all in their faces. These three women with their talent, guts and soul are an inspiration to all of us tomatoes. After almost 30 years and personal hurdles, illness, the 94 quake and a devastating fire, the restaurant is in to the 3rd generation of Hulings and is still standing proud as an example of success and a commitment to good taste. Why? Well, as my son says, “It is the kind of food that stops any conversation dead in its tracks. It’s that good.” You must check out the history of this restaurant and these women in full.  because it is a remarkable story at a time when women owned businesses were still unique. 

 Les Sisters Southern Kitchen , the three tomatoes

Les Sisters today and in the same location retains the small town warm and cozy nothing-fancy café ambience with the same wonderful food that garnered all those rave reviews in the 80’s. The review from my son is in regards to their “Spicy Southern Fried Chicken” and if you are faint of heart and spicy is too much for you they will give you the regular option. Which is the route I took with my order of Shrimp Creole and I loved it! My husband opted for the regular “Chicken Creole” which propelled him in to an eating frenzy and rendered him speechless. It definitely makes an impression in a good way on your tummy and there aren’t too many restaurants in LA serving up this type of food.

 Les Sisters Southern Kitchen, the three tomatoes

No matter what you call it; Cajun, Creole, Southern Soul …Les Sisters food  has a lot of soul, heart and that extra something special. If you need further convincing here’s 4 words for you, “RODA’S BOURBON BREAD PUDDIN”. THEY also serve lunch and it has been named Number 1 by Zagat many years in a row, selected as the best in class by City Search, Best Readers Choice for Daily News 2012, Patchers Readers Choice 2012 and favorably reviewed by people like Eric Board¬man, Larry Lipson, and Merrill Shindler so it is worth it to make the drive to Chatsworth. And be forewarned the place is small and popular so there might be a wait and if you have a party of 5 or larger call ahead for a reservation. 

Les Sisters Southern Kitchen 

21818 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, CA 91311 

(818) 998-0755 




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