A No-Juicing Detox

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a no-juicing detox, the three tomatoesChances are you’ve heard about detoxification in the media, in health food stores, or from people you know. “Going on a detox” is all the rage. At the same time, consumers are bombarded with information and product marketing that make detoxification seem like a radical and grueling process.

But here’s the truth: A healthful detox approach is neither extreme nor harsh. Ideally, detox merely optimizes the working conditions for your internal systems, smoothing the way for your body to eliminate the wastes and irritants that have built up.

After a successful detox program, my patients often report

  • increased energy
  • greater awareness of how the body works
  • a re-commitment to healthful eating habits that had gone astray
  • improved colon and digestive function
  • easier breathing

Many patients also gain a positive, inspiring jumpstart to their weight loss programs—or move past a plateau to restart a stalled weight loss effort.

You might be wondering when is the right time to try a detox plan. I’d like to suggest—do it today! And here are three indications that a detox program might be just what you need right now.

1. Your body reacts (or overreacts) to environmental and/or food triggers.

Have you ever thought, “What is my body reacting to, and how can I help naturally?” People with symptoms that suggest allergies and sensitivities ranging from respiratory and digestive problems to skin issues often experience improvement or relief during a period of detoxification. A plan that eliminates some of the major inflammatory or allergy-causing foods and substances—for example, dairy, wheat, and sugar—narrows down the pool of possible triggers and might even indicate whether symptoms are actually food related.

The detox period can help patients with sensitivities in two ways. First, it provides valuable information about foods that could be causing or might help alleviate their symptoms. Second, it eliminates substances that, though they might not be triggers themselves, can throw off the body’s balance during times of high environmental reactivity, such as in spring and fall with their abundance of pollen.

2. You’re beginning a weight loss program or experiencing a plateau.

Need a safe way to jumpstart your weight loss plans after the Holidays? A short-term cleanse can help to eliminate a buildup of toxins that can impede progress, while simultaneously accelerating a weight loss program. (Some clients have lost 5 or more pounds, but this is on a case-by-case basis.)

With a balanced food-based detox plan, my patients frequently have found release from some of the patterns and go-to triggers that sabotaged their weight loss efforts in the past. These patients also report adopting better eating habits in general, such as adding unprocessed whole foods, cutting out sugary foods, and drinking more water. When you have a plan to follow, with 10 days’ worth of suggested menus, recipes, and shopping lists, the process is easy and very manageable..

3. You’ve returned from a vacation or major social event, or you’re entering a new season.

Transitions often can challenge the body. If you’ve experienced a wedding, move, vacation, divorce, or really any dramatic change, a detox is often the best way to recalibrate and prepare to advance ahead.

Detoxification involves eliminating those things that don’t serve us well—and that doesn’t just mean food alone. Emotions, habits, and thoughts can fall into that category. A cleanse spotlights problem areas and promotes mindfulness of choices that might be tweaked or transformed into more healthful patterns. After eating and drinking on a vacation, after social events abundant with dietary indulgences, after the summer season comes to an end—these are great times to press the “reset” button and meet the new phase with a more healthful, grounded lifestyle.

Considering a detox now? Here’s my gift to you …I am happy to guide you through a 10-day, no juicing required program that will help you work through your detox safely, easily, and successfully. Just go to www.robertamittman.com/detox, and we’ll do this together.


  • Roberta Mittman

    A dedicated alternative health care practitioner, health and wellness coach, speaker, author, and licensed acupuncturist, Roberta Mittman is the founder of the Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing. She serves the New York City area as well as those from around the world who connect with her for guidance to reach healthy, happy, and richly rewarding lives. Roberta specializes in guiding women over 40 to quickly and elegantly feel and look trim and vital so they have more time and energy to spend finding happiness, love, and abundance. Her magic: the perfect, holistic blend of East and West. A self-proclaimed chocolate enthusiast, she’s also the author of Ultimate Wellness: The 3 Mental Shifts You Can Use to Change the Course of Your Health Right Now. Visit her web site: https://rescriptyourlifenow.com/about

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