8 Tips for Autumn Dressing

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After months of hot weather, many of us are waving goodbye to summertime and dreaming instead of autumn’s cool, brisk temperatures, crunchy leaves, and long quiet nights. As fall weather draws near, you may also be looking forward to pulling out those cozy jackets, textured scarves, and cooler-weather staples. The rich, luxurious fashions and fabrics of fall are always exciting to explore and get reacquainted with. Keep these tips in mind as you’re swapping out your summertime lightweight garments for a closet full of transition-friendly pieces and medium-weight fall fabrics; they will help you navigate the season with ease.

Cool off with a neutral palette.

Sweater from Nordstrom.

If you’re a little weary of seeing bright Technicolor patterns everywhere you look, you’ll enjoy a calmer (but never boring!) return to classic chic this fall. Gorgeous buttery shades like camel, beige, and pecan will keep you looking effortlessly elegant no matter the occasion. For a dramatic look, wear colors in this family head-to-toe to create a stunning column effect that makes you look longer and leaner. You can also try deeper palettes of gray, berry, indigo, and black to mirror the coolness of the season. And to top off the ensemble with style, add a coat, jacket, or cardigan within the color palette of your choice.

Add a bold accent color.

Dress from Nordstrom

If you’re concerned that neutrals-based outfits will cause you to blend into the background, don’t worry. A well-chosen accent color like Pantone’s Shaded Spruce will make your whole ensemble pop and draw all the eyes you want. Red is another popular color this fall. Right now, red is turning up in footwear, bags, sportswear, dresses, coats, and more! So think about choosing a crimson handbag, shoe, or coat to pair with a neutral column.

Get wrapped up in style.

Wrap from Worth New York.

A beautiful poncho or cape can create an unexpected finish to your look. They come in luxurious fabrics and flattering cuts that move with you. These surprisingly graceful pieces will keep you warm whether you’re clad in sportswear or a dress, at home or on the road. Before you know it, you and your wrap of choice will be inseparable.

Consider a statement coat.

Coat Worth New York

Outerwear doesn’t have to just be the ho-hum essential you throw on over your “real” outfit. This fall, let your outerwear join in on the fun. Whether you’re looking for a classic silhouette or a trendy new style, there are plenty of great coats this year to suit your fancy. Besides all the elegant choices available in camels, grays, and blacks, consider a standout color like red or cognac. Any of these fun shades are sure to put a smile on your face when you wear them.

Impress with a dress.

Boot from Nordstrom

Even when the temperature is dropping, you can still create a great look with only one garment—a dress! Paired with a fabulous coat, a sleeveless sheath dress looks great well into autumn and beyond. Try one in a knit fabric that includes a bit of Lycra—they don’t wrinkle and will hug your body nicely. While you can always rely on the usual black, navy, or gray, consider also choosing a fun shade like crimson, mauve, and spruce. Pair them with a sturdy pair of dark tights and a great boot, and you’ll be ready to go!

Embrace a golden (or silvery) glow.

Gold and silver are both big trends this season. Take a cue from the gorgeous light of autumn by dazzling up your wardrobe with these shimmery metallic accents. You are likely to be wearing plenty of vivid fall hues—from the richest reds to the warmest tans and deepest browns. Now give those looks an extra dose of drama by incorporating metallic shades in an unexpected way. Think shiny sweaters, matte sequin skirts or dresses, and classic jewelry in interesting designs. To instantly add glamour to a simple outfit, slip on an opulent cuff bracelet set with semi-precious stones; you’ll be the light of the party.

Stay warm and stylish.

Fall accessories like scarves and tights are often just as functional as they are fun! Tights will help you stay toasty in dresses and skirts throughout the cooler seasons while a beautiful scarf can accent your outfit and protect you from the elements. For a great look, pair a colorful silk gauze scarf with a leather jacket. When you wish to warm up with tights, be sure to choose a dark, opaque option that will move through the season well.

Don’t forget your feet.

Nude seude pump from Nordstrom

Finally, it’s time to start sporting closed-toe pumps, flats, and boots. Fall is the perfect time to try perennial favorites like animal-print or metallic flats—both of which can work as a neutral. A classic ankle boot is also a great option for dressing up or down. And you can never go wrong with a timeless black pump.

Fall is such an exhilarating time, and it won’t last forever. Take advantage each day to embrace the chill in the air, the stunning autumn light, and the chance to walk the line between cool and warm temperatures just a little longer. And no matter the season, be sure to always savor the temperature at hand and enjoy all the fun ways to dress in harmony with the weather


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