7 Sexy Excerpts from AROUSAL

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Allison Monroe just got kissed. On an elevator. By a stranger. And she liked it a lot. 

But she has no time to be distracted by this gorgeous man, with his panty-melting glances and sexy accent. She’s headed to the most important event of her career—a launch party for the new “My Fantasy e-Reader” at Club Kismet, high atop a Manhattan Skyscraper.

She’s determined to forget about the amatory elevator ride.

But Nicolai Petre has other ideas. That kiss confirmed what his grandmother’s mystical vision had already told him—that Allison is his destiny.

I am so excited to share my first full length novel, Arousal.

Sexy, suave, and mysterious European billionaire and CEO Nicolai Petre meets his match in beautiful, skeptical New Yorker Allison Monroe, who is running a PR campaign for his company.

He is looking for his soul mate and believes Allison is “the one.” She doesn’t even believe in love!

He’s got six days to win her heart and must keep her in a constant state of yearning…of desire…of AROUSAL.

It’s a super steamy office romance and a love story with a unique twist. Here are some sexy moments from Arousal.

  1. Elevator ride. He moved in closer, and pressed me against the elevator wall, his body touching mine. Arousal stirred inside me as his kiss grew deeper, more probing, and more possessive. My brain left the building and fear left my body as I was transformed into a tingling mass of nerve endings. The only thing that seemed to exist in that moment was our mouths, melded together, like a perfect, matching set.
  2. Eye-sex. He met my glance with an intense, soulful stare, holding my gaze with his from the distance. It was so intimate. I am not sure how it is possible, but I felt him from across the crowded room. A surge of energy tickled my spine, and then all of me buzzed with electricity. “Turn away now,” said my rational self. Do not engage 
  1. Electricity. “Even if I were a complete buffoon, with no intuition or emotional intelligence, I doubt I would have missed the electricity between us in the elevator when we first set eyes on each other, or how my kiss calmed you, or the way that energy rose up and traveled across the room when our gazes touched again,” he said. “And how could I possibly ignore the force that continues to pervade the space between us. You feel it too, don’t you, Ms. Monroe?”  
  1. Ectasy. I sighed and pressed my head to his shoulder. I felt like we should be rolling over and smoking a cigarette after what we had done with our mouths.  
  1. Excitement. “I could give you all of it, all of me, right here and now.” He pushed his hand between my legs. “We are both physically ready. You’re so wet and I’m so hard. I could make you come again. And we don’t even have to move. I could raise your hips up high against the door and then slowly bring you down onto me. I just have to uncover myself and bury myself deep inside you, fill you. Right here. Against the door.”  
  1. Erotic. He stood up from the table, and pulled me out of my chair. Next thing I knew I was near the door, and pressed against it. Pulling my chin toward him, he brought his lips to mine. His kiss was delicious. He gave so much when his mouth was on mine, and our tongues danced. The intimacy reignited the passion below. He was about to place his hand on my cheek when I grabbed it. I placed it on my breast, daring him not to touch me. My body tensed and I swallowed hard as I awaited his next move.  
  1.  Emotion. “But I fell in love with you, Allison.” His voice was cracking with emotion. His body was trembling. “I didn’t realize how much I could love you, or how much it would hurt if you didn’t love me back.”

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