6 Wardrobe Resolutions for a New Year and New You

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6 Wardrobe Resolutions for a New Year and New You

The new year is the perfect time for new beginnings. This is especially true if you feel like your personal style is due for a little pick-me-up. Maybe you’re ready to try a new look, further develop your signature style, or commit to wearing more flattering clothes for your body type. Either way, updating your look can improve your life. Your image makes not only a tremendous difference in how others perceive you, but it also affects how you feel about yourself. That’s why it’s so important to adopt some new fashion resolutions that will unleash your inner glow. And with the new year upon us, right now is the best time to make some style adjustments that will make a lasting impact on your confidence, happiness, and success. Keep reading for some simple tips to help you renew your image in 2018.

  1. Stop falling victim to the runway. Trends are fun and sometimes they end up looking great, but don’t rush to buy everything on the runway or the mannequin in the store. Not all styles of clothing are suited for all body types, and certain colors just don’t complement every complexion. Instead, stick to wearing the colors and styles that look great on you. And resist making trendy impulse purchases; take a day or two to consider whether you really love the item and if it will work for you.
  1. Buy fewer, higher-quality pieces. Instead of buying lots of trendy pieces at bargain prices, invest in foundational pieces that you can wear season after season. Choose items made of quality fabrics and select base colors that look good on you. Blacks, navies, grays, and chocolates are good options for most people. And remember: You will wear these clothes more than once per week, so the money you spend is worth it.  
  1. Make your work clothes go the extra mile. When you can effortlessly transition your wardrobe staples from the conference room to cocktail hour, you automatically save money and your life is easier. The key to dressing up work clothes for a cocktail party or nice dinner on the town comes down to having the right accessories and adding a few playful pieces to mix and match. For example, a simple sheath you normally wear to work can create a stunning ensemble for an evening event. Just exchange your pumps for a pair of open-toed shoes and top it off with a leather jacket. To dress it up even further, add a beautiful pair of earrings or a statement necklace.  
  1. When in doubt, ask for help. If you’re having trouble figuring out which clothes look great on you, then hire a stylist or image consultant for added insight and assistance. While it may be a little costly at the onset, it’s a great investment in the long run. Most large department stores offer a personal shopping service to customers as well.
  1. Stop holding on to clothes you’ll never wear again. If you’re still hanging on to clothes from the ’90s or those jeans that fit like a glove (five years ago), it’s time to clean out your closet. If an item has become too tight or is no longer something you will wear, it’s okay to give yourself permission to discard it; this frees up space for the clothes that fit who you are right now. Having a wardrobe that complements your body and life will do wonders for your self-esteem and image.  
  1. Make getting dressed a snap. Rushing through your morning routine—including getting dressed—can mean spending your day looking as frazzled as you feel. But planning ahead eliminates stress and guarantees you’ll look great on a daily basis. Take time to try on an assortment of outfits—fully accessorized. Once you have five looks you love, take a photo of each one and store it on your phone. On busy mornings, this catalog of photos will make getting dressed and looking great easier than ever.

Even though it’s never too late to make lasting changes to improve your life, the new year offers us a symbolic fresh start. These resolutions are sure to break you out of a fashion rut, simplify your routine, and ensure that 2018 is your most stylish year yet!


  • Marla Tomazin

    Marla Tomazin, Certified Image Consultant, established her image consulting business in 1990 with the goal of helping clients identify an authentic image and develop its effective expression. Marla utilizes her abilities in evaluating body shape, movement, and coloring as well as synthesizing optimal cuts, lines, colors, and textures. This results in balance and proportion that accentuate attributes and conceal flaws. Marla has appeared on numerous TV and radio stations and programs. Visit www.marlatomazin.com.

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