6 Unique Gifts

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For those people who have everything, here are 6 fun and unique gift items. There’s the water bottle holder, the reading in bed pillow, the Quibbi that backs up all your iPhone photos, and two fun items for DIY manicures.

Insulated Water Bottle Holder with Pockets

This is great for walks, hikes, or the gym. Keeps you water bottle cold, plus has side pockets for your phone, keys, cash, and credit cards. Amazon $15.99

The Reading, TV Binging, Working from Bed Pillow

If you love your bed, and not just for sleeping or romance, curl with this super comfy pillow, perfect for reading, binging on Netlfix, or working from bed. Amazon $32.99

The Qubii Cube Backs Up All Your iPhone Photos

What an awesome little device. Use it to charge your hone and it automatically backs up your photos, videos, and contacts too. All supports backups with Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and more! Amazon $49.99

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with Bag

The acupuncture mat for neck & back pain, muscle relaxation stress relief, and sciatica. It helps relax the muscles of your body, creates energy flow or life force within the body. It is great for users who sit at a desk daily, as well as active individuals and athletes. You can lie on it, or put it on your desk chair. Amazon $31.00

For DIY Manicures

Here are two great products. Say goodbye to messy manicures with Big Polish Guards Cuticle Protectors from Sally Hansen. The guards wrap around each nail for a neater application. $5.00 at Amazon.

And gadget #2 is called The Poppy.  It’s a polish bottle handle that makes painting your own nails easier, faster, and better than ever. Pop it on top of your favorite polish for a comfy grip, more control, and even, steady strokes. A perfect mani every time. Olive & June $16.00



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