6 Gizmos and Gadgets You’ll Want

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Don’t you love gizmos and gadgets? Especially ones that ones that make everyday life just a little easier. Here a six we’re buying right now.

Pancake Batter Dispenser

Now you can make perfect pancakes, without all that messy pancake splatter with the Pancake Batter Dispenser from  KPKitchen.    Made entirely of high-quality plastic, this easy to use dispenser is designed with a wide mouth opening making filling it up a breeze, and the quick close valve makes pouring the perfect pancake like a pro seem like child’s play!  Amazon, $23.99.

Zipper Puller

When you don’t have a “dresser” on call, this zipper puller is a great gadget to have. Works on virtually all zippers, zip your favorite dress or boots too. Amazon $14.99.

Cross-Body Style Reusable Shopping/Tote Bag

With plastic bags going bye bye, here’s a great bag that stuffs into a small built-in pouch, that becomes a full sized cross-body style bag that holds up to 40 pounds. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Amazon $14.50.

No Tie Shoe Laces

Turn any pair of lace-up tennis shoes into slip on sneakers. Perfect for Everyone: Lock Laces, originally designed for triathletes to decrease transition time, are a great gift for seniors suffering from arthritis or other disabilities, autistic children, runners of all ages, and casual users! Amazon $9.99.

Oven Rack Shields

If you’ve ever burned yourself on an oven rack, you’ll love these silicone oven rack shields.  They’re dishwasher safe too.  $6.99 Amazon.

Frywall Splatter Guard

This brilliant little gadget (seen on Shark Tank) is the first ever splatter guard that combines uninterrupted protection with complete access to cooking surface, providing all the benefits of an uncovered pan without the mess. Completely blocks fine oil splatters; also prevents spillovers when sautéing lots of veggies and greens in overfull pan.  $21.99 Amazon.


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