6 Gadgets You’ll Love

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We love gadgets that make life easier, and these six are very cool. Like the LED neck lamp for nighttime readers; a wireless charging pad, mini beauty spatulas, a device locator, and easy food containers.

LED Neck Lamp

If you like to read in bed at night without disturbing your partner, this lamp is perfect. It’s also great for traveling when guest rooms often don’t have bedside lighting that’s conducive to reading. Amazon $18.99

Wireless Charging Pad 

Great device for charging up your phones, tablets, and other devices like earbuds. Works with Apple and Android devices. Not need for all those connection plugs. Amazon $11.99

2-Pack Of Mini Beauty Spatulas

How annoying is it when you get that last of that expensive face cream, or other cosmetics out of the bottle? That’s when these mini spatulas come in handy (works for food items too). Two different sizes. Amazon $6.99

Locate your Phone, Keys, and Other Items

If you’re always misplacing your phone, keys, and other items, you’ll want the item tracker. You’ll be able to find your stuff no matter how far away it is. Advanced radio frequency technology penetrates through walls, doors, cushions, and furniture, locating your items from up to 131ft away. Tracks 4 items. Amazon $14.99

Keep your Vegetables Fresh Longer

Save money, food, and trips to the grocery store, by keeping produce fresher longer with FreshWorks.  Amazon $29.99.

Nesting Food Storage Container Set

Are you tired of having all those storage containers everywhere and never finding the right lid? Here’s the solution. This nesting 10-piece storage container set. Airtight, leakproof lids, multi-colors. Amazon $28.00


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