6 Compelling Reasons to Wear Color Right Now

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Are you tired of reaching for a black sweater and black pants every morning? If your winter color palate can be summed up with black (with a maybe a hint of navy or grey), it may be time for a mid-season makeover. While black is always a New Yorker’s bestie (especially in winter), it can be a wee bit mundane.  The good news is that even in January, you can spice things up with a more varied color palette.  What’s more, sporting a splash of color comes with some surprising benefits. Read on and be inspired to take your winter wardrobe from drab to fab.

Color Your World – Color has the power to lift your spirits on even the most cold and snowy days. Studies have shown that certain colors can have a positive effect on our emotions. Are you stressed? Blue-hued colors have been shown to promote feelings of peace and serenity. Needing a boost in energy during these gray winter days? Colors like yellow and orange have been associated with feeling inspired and creative. Have a case of the winter blues? Try a splash of coral. If you want to tap into your soft and nurturing side, play up the pink.

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Work It – Looking to boost your business? Start with your wardrobe. We all know black is first in line when thinking of “power” colors, but it goes beyond that. First think, “What is it I want to portray in my work world?” Navy blue is a wonderful work color, promoting an image of dependability, professionalism and honesty.  The message behind gray is reliable and businesslike – think “rock” solid.  Separate but related, don’t be afraid to accent any of these Steady Eddie neutrals with some bold pops of color. Brighter colors are visually commanding and radiate confidence. (Who wouldn’t want to convey that kind of message?)

Stand Out – There is no better way to stand out from the sea of black than to add color to your wardrobe! Find creative ways to integrate neutrals with bright colors or prints. If brightly colored clothing is not your thing, consider upping the color ante with accessories. From bold-colored baubles to sassy silk scarves, accessories speak volumes and can enliven any neutral-colored outfit. What’s more, as the temperature drops, don’t hesitate to add color with a hat. Berets, caps and fuzzy earmuffs look even yummier in beautiful colors like cranberry, forest green, navy and red.

Add a Trendy Touch – Every year Pantone announces their “color of the year.” This season it’s Greenery.  If it’s not your best color, not a worry.  Pantone actually tempts us with 10 color trends to choose from each season.  Adding a new hue to your color palette is a great way to give a nod to seasonal trends without being consumed by them. Consider buying one of your wardrobe basics – i.e. a cashmere sweater or cotton T – in one of this season’s hot hues to add an instant update to your wardrobe.

Spring Forward – Wearing colorful pieces can help us feel like spring is on its way, even if it is months away. If you’re dreaming of bright blue skies, warm almond sand and glittering, turquoise water but can’t get away, embrace those colors with your wardrobe and accessories. Why not swap out your dark winter coat for a lighter counterpart?  Think light blue, pale gray or ivory.  Instead of wearing navy or wine on your nails, opt for coral or pink. A bright-colored necklace or handbag may be just what you need to (at least) mentally sashay into spring.

Glow On – Unless you dabble in self-tanner, many of us pale in the winter months.  What this means is that black can be more visually draining and actually make us look less vital. To maintain a healthy glow, wear a bit of color on top, close to your face. Be it a shirt, sweater or scarf, look for colors that brighten your eyes and complexion.

So here you have it…six really great reasons to step away from black and embrace a whole new hue!  Experiment and have fun~


Carol Davidson is a style strategist, life coach and fellow Tomato. She helps people better manage their lives, create fulfillment and develop a plan to love their look and their life. Her expertise has helped hundreds tackle their careers and personal lives with confidence and enthusiasm. To learn more about her wardrobe and life coaching services and how you can work with her virtually or in person, please reach out to her at Carol@CarolDavidson.com. For more shopping picks and lifestyle tips, please visit Carol on FB: Carol Davidson Life Style Strategy and follow her on Twitter @CarolDavidson.



  • Carol Davidson

    For over 15 years, Carol Davidson has helped women transform their appearance, wardrobe and self-esteem. Her style and life coaching advice has helped women tackle their careers and personal lives with confidence and enthusiasm. Clients have told Carol they look better and feel better about how they look and the life they lead. They move forward with greater ease and confidently show up for matters most. Carol is an educator at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been quoted in countless media outlets including: businessweek.com, Forbes.com, ivillage.com, SmartMoney and Real Simple. While she calls NYC and South Florida “home,” her reach includes the Tri-State area and beyond. Her Skype consultations and easy-to-use, private, online closet, shopping and lookbook platform allow her to work with clients across the country and around the world. For more of Carol’s style picks and lifestyle tips, please visit her at: CarolDavidson.com and like her on FB: CarolDavidsonLifeStyleStrategy. You can also find her on twitter @CarolDavidson.

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