5 Boundary Mistakes That Sabotage Love

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Are you making these 5 boundary mistakes? If so, you might be sabotaging your love life. My guest, Theresa Byrne, is an inner power expert, 4th Degree Black Belt/ Master Instructor,  and a Certified Positive Intelligence© Coach. She teaches people how to change their physiology and mitigate their stress response in just three seconds by using their inner power. Arianna Huffington chose Theresa’s 2019 TEDTalk as one of the “Top 10 Most Meaningful TED Talks.”

She’s impressive! That’s why I reached out to her to co-lead our comprehensive 8-week boundaries course Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships, and the upcoming Boundary University, a one-stop-shop for all your boundary needs. I’m excited to have Theresa on the podcast to talk about the top 5 boundary mistakes that sabotage love, and what you can do to stop making those mistakes on your journey to your last first date.

Watch the episode.

Why are you so passionate about boundaries?

I always say, “boundaries are EVERYTHING” because they’ve shown up over and over in our lives and in our successful coaching practices!

Self defense is all about staying safe, even in the face of physical danger! And guess what, even that is BOUNDARIES!

What’s important about setting boundaries in dating?

Boundaries can be BRIDGES. The people you’re dating WANT to know you, and boundaries are a great way to learn about each other. You can build CONNECTION!

What you like, what you don’t like … my little rap ditty – what you will and what you won’t …

When people know they need to set a boundary, what usually happens?

They fumble for the right words to say. They wait too long and miss the opportunity to speak up. They suppress and then explode in anger. Or, they shut down, and avoid speaking up altogether.

What does NOT setting boundaries cost us?

It costs you your sanity, time/money/energy. Speaking up and setting Boundaries early on saves you time, energy, money, and your sanity!

What are the The 5 boundary mistakes that sabotage love?

  1. NOT knowing Your own VALUE 
  2. NOT STANDING UP for what’s important to you
  3. NOT PAYING ATTENTION to the early warning signs
  4. NOT knowing your personal BOUNDARY IMPRINT
  5. NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH on your boundary setting

(Listen to the episode to learn more about each mistake)

Those are the 5 boundary mistakes. BUT, What if you did the opposite? 

How about PRE-EMPTIVE Boundaries? Set them AHEAD OF TIME!

Solid boundaries DO look like …

  1. KNOWING your value
  2. STANDING UP for what’s important to you
  3. PAYING ATTENTION to early warning signs
  5. FOLLOWING THROUGH on your boundaries using AGREEMENTS

Setting boundaries in dating helps you:

  • Date with less stress and more ease
  • Get the respect you deserve
  • Have more energy (stop absorbing others)
  • Feel understood
  • BE loved for who you are
  • have healthy, functional, mutual relationships

NOTE: This is an overview of the most common boundary mistakes that sabotage love, and we’ve shared what’s possible if you set clear boundaries. It’s just one small part of what we teach in boundary universityIf you want to get on the early bird wait list, go to  https://www.boundaryuniversity.com


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