3T’s Film Series Has Successful LA Launch!

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3T’s Film Series Has Successful LA Launch!, The Three TomatoesThe Three Tomatoes took an important step on Saturday Sept 19 in the quest to achieve equal representation for women in the film industry by launching The Three Tomatoes Film Series Event Celebrating Women over 40…in front and behind the camera.  The event generated great press, the glass filled modern lobby was filled with sunlight, contagious energy and supportive attendees at the very cool Downtown Independent Theatre in Los Angeles.  The film was very well received by the audience.  The panel discussion, with the “Women of 69 Unboxed” team (Peter Barton, Liz Gallese, Jane Startz) and author/actress Anita Finlay, was both insightful and articulate in furthering the message of the film and illuminating the issues women still face today.  It was a great beginning for what The Three Tomatoes hopes will be a regular event. Basically tomatoes it went swimmingly!  The Three Tomatoes is committed to helping change the conversation about women in Hollywood of all ages. Next up…New York!

3T’s Film Series Has Successful LA Launch!

The Three Tomatoes & The Women of ’69 Team: Roni Jenkins, Jane Starz, Peter Barton, Liz Gallese, Anita Finlay, Cheryl Benton, Debbie Zipp

Check out a few more of the photos from the event.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoyed the LA Premiere of “Women of ’69, Unboxed” last Saturday. I look forward to future events from The Three Tomatoes. It opened up endless conversation full of memories.

The Tomatoes, AND the film, were extremely BEAUTIFUL!!! Loved it!  The Q&A, was also great! Good job!!!!

What a wonderful documentary!

Really had a great time and enjoyed meeting the filmmakers.

What a terrific afternoon! Thanks for this wonderful event.

I really enjoyed the ’69 Unboxed event.  Congratulations.

Really loved Class of ’69 Unboxed! I really admire the work you’re doing on behalf of women.

Really enjoyed the movie.  I felt so close to many of the women in the movie after it was all over.  Thank you so much.

Excellent documentary and lively discussion.

And here’s what the press had to say:

The LA Times

Women and Hollywood


Join us at our events, just for tomatoes. Great fun and you'll meet other fab tomatoes.

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Join us at our events, just for tomatoes. Great fun and you'll meet other fab tomatoes.

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