3 Things You’re Ignoring in Your Wardrobe

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“Hey, it’s time to come out of the closet!” In case you didn’t know it, this is what many of your clothes are thinking right now. Okay, I realize that clothes don’t really have thoughts or feelings. But if they did, a lot of your clothes would be sad, lonely and confused – and they don’t have to be.

I know we’re still getting through a pandemic. I know that many days, your go-to outfits are probably leggings and a comfy top. But there are other styles that can be just as comfortable, just as useful, and a lot more fun than what you’re currently grabbing every day – and they’re already in your closet! And especially if ‘dressing up’ feels like a foreign concept, wearing your favorite styles in a more casual way is just what the style doctor ordered.

So, it’s time to take a look at 3 things in your wardrobe that you’ve probably ignored for a while: your trusty blazer, your favorite dress and your fun skirt. I’ve created outfits showing how you most likely wore them ‘before’ and how you can wear them now casually – so you’re enjoying more of what’s in your closet on a regular basis. Because clothes are meant to be enjoyed, right?


blazer before.jpeg

Do you think a blazer is just a dressy piece to pull out for interviews and presentations? You’re not alone. But a blazer is so much more than that – it’s a key piece in your forever wardrobe, even if you only saved it for important days at the office pre-pandemic (click here to discover why I think suits still deserve a space in your closet, too).

blazer now.jpeg

You’ll get much more wear out of your blazer if you stop thinking of it like half of a suit and start thinking of it like a lightweight jacket! A blazer is an ideal stand-in for a piece of outerwear, and it’s perfect when a cardigan isn’t enough, but a heavy wool coat is just too much. Throw it over a cashmere sweater, comfortable jeans and booties and you’re ready for lunch with friends or just dressing a little ‘extra’ for running errands.

STYLE TIP: Blazers with a little room are better choices for layering over a sweater than more tailored styles. I’m not saying that you need to go with oversized options – but just be aware of what you’ll wear underneath when selecting a blazer to be your jacket substitute.

Blazer by Veronica Beard. Blouse by Vince. Slim pants by Lafayette 148. Snake print flats by Franco Sarto. Cashmere sweater by Halogen. Jeans by Frame. Booties by Marc Fisher. All glasses by Warby Parker. All jewelry by Kendra Scott.


fav dress before.jpeg

You may not even remember wearing dresses, but I’m sure you have some favorites in your closet. And even if a floaty dress was your wardrobe workhorse for weekly worship services or dressy date nights, it’s probably begging you to come out of the closet right now.

fav dress now.jpeg

One simple way to rethink your favorite dress is by tossing a sweater over it – you’ve instantly transformed it into a skirt! It will definitely feel less ‘dressed up’ and totally fall-friendly – and you can casual-ize it even more with chunky booties. (For more ways to wear a dress in cold weather, check out a few outfits I created for this client.)

STYLE TIP: Dresses with minimal details on the top half are easier to layer – so skip the ones with puffy sleeves and big ruffles in favor of simpler silhouettes. And it also works best when the neckline of the sweater completely covers the top half of the dress, so it truly looks like a cute sweater/skirt combo.

Dress by Madewell. Coat by Sam Edelman. Yellow heels by Marc Fisher. Black bag by Brahmin. Yellow sweater by Lulus. Booties by Vince Camuto. Red bag by Coach. All jewelry by Kendra Scott.


fun skirt before.jpeg

Are you a skirt person? Some of my clients prefer dresses to skirts, while others are total skirt-lovers. So, if you have a super fun skirt in your wardrobe that you’ve only worn to cocktail parties, it’s time to rethink it.

fun skirt now.jpeg

To make your skirt more wearable right now, trade out your strappy heels for clean white sneakers and grab a moto jacket instead of a fancy blazer. And depending on your fall weather, you can add a simple t-shirt, turtleneck or lightweight sweater. (If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to get dressed, read this for a few strategies.)

STYLE TIP: Skirts that are knit or have room to move are easier to translate into casual outfits, since they’re more comfortable than a structured pencil skirt.

Skirt by Rebecca Taylor. Velvet blazer by Endless Rose. Tank by Chelsea 28. Gold sandals by Karl Lagerfeld. Moto jacket by Levi’s. T-shirt by BP. Sneakers by Veja. All jewelry by Kendra Scott.

Are you motivated to rethink something from your closet? If you’re looking for a partner in creating outfits from what you already own, just let me know. Click here to read about a styling session where I’ll create fun and new outfits from what’s in your closet, so that getting dressed is a breeze every morning (and click here to read about all my other services!).


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