10 Ideas for Organizing Your Stuff

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We’re getting close to spring (hooray) and it’s always a great time to do some spring cleaning of our stuff and get organized.  If you’re like us, you’re guilty of owning too much stuff. So, first step in getting organized is getting rid of some of the stuff.  Start by reading the NY Times best seller book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.  Written by cleaning guru Marie Kondo, and a bit radical but still helpful, she suggests you look at every item you own and ask, “does it bring you joy”.  If not, discard.  Next step is organizing all that stuff.

Here are some clever ideas we’ve scoured from around the web plus some unique storage devices.  And we couldn’t resist posting this video of one of George Carlin’s funniest routines about “stuff”. As George said, “The meaning of life is trying to find a place for your stuff”.

Behind the door storage

This is a very clever.  The Cabidor provides storage space behind any door. Quickly gain the storage capacity of 5 standard medicine cabinets in a space that would otherwise be wasted behind your door. Beautifully concealed, all the items you store are hidden from sight behind the facade of a finished cabinet.  Easy to install.  Available for $144.99 from Amazon.

Toy Hammock

If you have kids or grandkids around, you know what a room can look like in just a little bit of time.  Well here’s a fun and easy way to clean up and store toys that the kids can easily help with  –  a jumbo toy hammock. Just $9 at Amazon.

Wicker Seat with Storage

This is perfect storage for pool, patio and deck.  It’s a chair and a 22-gallon storage container all rolled into one.  $39 at Amazon.

Porcelain Canisters with Reusable Chalkboard

These canisters are airtight bamboo and you store any ingredients you want and label or re-label with the chalkboard.  Set of 2 $15.99 from Amazon.

Use Shower Curtain Hooks

Here’s a great way to store your current season purses and handbags so that they’re easy to find.  Buy show shower curtain hooks and hang them in your closet.

Use a paper Towel Holder to Organize Ribbons

Photo: HGTV

Here’s another great use for a paper towel holder.   Use it to organize your ribbons.

Store Your Sheet Sets in the Pillow Case

Now here’s a Martha Stewart tip that’s actually easy to do.  Simply tuck your matching sheet sets inside one of its own pillow cases to keep your linen closet organized! Brilliant.

Pool Towel Rack

If you’re tired of the wet towels and pool items scatter all around the pool, check out this pool towel rack.  Comes in white or sunshine yellow, assembles in 15 minutes, and collapses for storage.  $149 from Esty.

Keep Shirts Organized

Use EZSTAX on your closet shelves and stay organized! Pull an item from the middle of a stack without making a mess out of the rest. Use it in your dresser and make it easy to get that shirt from the bottom without making a mess! Get a set of 18 for $20.

Keep the Kitchen Counter Clear

Rev-A-Shelf is a heavy duty chrome lift that can be attached to any custom made shelf and and will fit all full height cabinet sizes allowing a perfect match to your counter top or interior cabinet. It holds appliances up to 60 lbs. Ready to use when you are. $81.99 from Amazon.



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