LA LIFE: Japanese Garden, Women’s Place Tour, Rooftop Cinema, Mojo, Yoga

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LA LIFE: Japanese Garden, Women’s Place Tour, Rooftop Cinema, Mojo, Yoga

I took my own advice from last Friday’s newsletter Tomatoes  and communed with the poppies, dear friend Susan and Mr. Tomato.  It was stunning! LA is stepping beautifully into spring, so it is the perfect time to give the “SuihoEn Japanese Garden” a “shout-out”. A woman’s place is not in the kitchen, but “A Woman’s Place” does belong as a new LA Conservancy Walking Tour. “Rooftop Cinema” is back to enjoy on Hollywood and DTLA rooftops.  I am reminding you about the irresistible deal offered to Tomatoes for the “Rock Your Mojo Weekend” in April.  And Nancy DeVille of “Prison Yoga” has a cool event coming up.  Happy Spring Tomatoes!

SuihoEn Japanese Garden

LA LIFE: Japanese Garden, Women’s Place Tour, Rooftop Cinema, Mojo, Yoga

Considered a hidden gem and a 6 ½ acre garden oasis in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, the “SuihoEn Japanese Garden” (garden of water and fragrance) is ranked #10 out of the 300 Japanese gardens in North America.  It all belongs to the City of LA and its peeps, (you and me) Tomatoes and I can’t believe I just found out about it and can’t wait to visit. Who knew?!

The SuihoEn Japanese Garden, designed by Doctor Koichi Kawana, features three gardens in one and reflects a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The garden was designed to be enjoyed all 4 seasons of the year in Los Angeles. There is a dry Zen meditation garden containing Tortoise Island, a three-Buddha arrangement of stones, and a wisteria arbor at the end of the Plover Path. Along the path is an expansive “wet-strolling” garden with waterfalls, lakes and streams, abundant greenery, and stone lanterns which were hand-carved by artisans in Japan. At the end of this path is the Shoin Building with an authentic 4 1/2 tatami-mat teahouse and adjacent tea garden. And believe it or not, but it’s true, this Japanese Garden is adjacent to a City of LA reclamation plant. 

Conceived by Donald C. Tillman, the garden’s purpose was to demonstrate a positive use of reclaimed water in a delicate environment.  It is a truly unique garden and authentic in every detail whose purpose is to provide a world of calm and peace and positive reflection. They have lots of events and have tea service and docent tours. Wow! This Tomato is really looking forward to checking it out what I’ve been missing.

Till May 23.  A Woman’s Place

LA LIFE: Japanese Garden, Women’s Place Tour, Rooftop Cinema, Mojo, Yoga

The LA Conservancy’s walking tour “A Woman’s Place: Union Station and Chinatown” is a great way to celebrate women’s history.  There is a linked history between downtown area of Union Station and the nearby Chinatown neighborhood and their women leaders Tomatoes.

Through the stories of the women, who had an important and lasting impact on these communities, you will learn about what that impact was and how these vital locations in LA are connected.  You all know I love these tours by the LA Conservancy, and I have no doubt you would enjoy this one.  A lovely and informative way to spend an early evening in DTLA, Tomatoes.

April 13.  Prison Yoga + Meditation & Book to Action Event

LA LIFE: Japanese Garden, Women’s Place Tour, Rooftop Cinema, Mojo, Yoga

The “Book to Action”  series at Edendale Branch Library takes the basic book club concept and expands it to create a dynamic series of events for adults. One of my favorite nonprofits in LA “Prison Yoga + Meditation”, its co-directors Nancy Deville and Farah Godrej and PY+M manager Janice Clifford, will be discussing their powerful work bringing yoga and meditation to prisoners in 5 Los Angeles county, state and federal facilities to help heal them physically and psychologically.  That’s a WOW, Tomatoes.

These visionary women volunteers change lives for the better Tomatoes. It would be great for you to hear about this incredible organization and its accomplishment, first-hand, from the amazing women who make it all happen.  Prison Yoga + Meditation also has a crowd-funding page  happening right now and it would be simply marvelous if you would check that out and consider donating.  Your donation will help:

  • Expand more classes in current facilities 
  • Meet demand from other facilities
  • Purchase mats/blocks and the occasional PA system
  • Give admin and instructors a stipend to repay some of their expenses  
  • Produce and distribute our yoga/meditation manual written expressly to address the incarcerated yogi

The “Book to Action” series encourage community members who attend one of the Edendale Branch library’s events to put their newfound knowledge into action by participating in a community service project or civic engagement activity. How great is that Tomatoes! If you are in the area, you might want to look in to that series.  Get the details.

Till April 30. Rooftop Cinema

LA LIFE: Japanese Garden, Women’s Place Tour, Rooftop Cinema, Mojo, Yoga

Wow oh Wow!  Rooftop Cinema is back Tomatoes with two outdoor film screening venues under the stars on the gorgeous rooftops of the Neuhause in Hollywood and the LEVEL in DTLA.  Woo Hoo! It’s a really fun night out with a wonderful selection of classic, cult and new release film presentations. So, spring in to action ladies because the series only lasts till the end of April.

What could be better than sitting in a comfy deck chair (provided by the Roof Top Cinema Club) with a great view, fresh air, a beautiful spring sky and a great film? They even provide a set of wireless headphones, a blanket and popcorn. There are lots of offerings of delish food and drinks to make these events even more enticing Tomatoes.

April 5 -7. Mojo Women’s Weekend Special Offer

LA LIFE: Japanese Garden, Women’s Place Tour, Rooftop Cinema, Mojo, Yoga

Deborah Kagan’s “Rock Your MOJO Women’s Weekend” was transformative for me.  Deborah has amazing energy and is simply one of the very best facilitators for inspiring women to feel comfortable in their own skin and embracing their inner power/mojo. Now, Deborah is giving Tomatoes a special jaw-dropping discount deal (hint: $500 off reg price) for her upcoming “Rock Your Mojo Weekend LA” in April! Now that ROCKS! Get the details.


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