April 5 -7. Mojo Women’s Weekend Special Offer

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Deborah Kagan’s “Rock Your MOJO Women’s Weekend” was transformative for me.  Deborah has amazing energy and is simply one of the very best facilitators for inspiring women to feel comfortable in their own skin and embracing their inner power/mojo. Now, Deborah is giving Tomatoes a special jaw-dropping discount deal (hint: $500 off reg price) for her upcoming “Rock Your Mojo Weekend LA” in April! Now that ROCKS!

You will LOVE Debora. Even the most productive and dynamic women go through tough times, doubt themselves and find it hard to get motivated. Deborah can help you get back on track. And if you find just one valuable kernel of truth that profoundly resonates with you to help guide you, then the weekend is so worth the investment of time and money. I found my kernel there with her and it has been invaluable for me. And the special discount makes it sooooo doable!  2 ½ days at the “Rock Your Mojo Weekend LA” for the incredible price of $197. A $500 discount just for Tomatoes!  Wow! 

Yes, you read that right. You will get $500 OFF your registration making the cost of the 2 ½ day Women’s Weekend only $197.00! OMG! Holy Cow! Holy Moly! Don’t Delay…Don’t Procrastinate Tomatoes, the weekend will sell out fast and only a few weeks away. This deal  is especially for you and only good till April 4 using the code: TOMATO

So, hop to it Tomatoes and book your reservation!

Debbie Zipp and Deborah Kagan

Deborah Kagan truly is a very gifted inspirational speaker, a powerful energizer and motivator who is clearly on a mission to help all women conquer their fears, look them square in the face, throw them on the ground, wrestle with them, get scratched up and STILL come out on top…loving their “Mojolicious” empowered selves.  She graces all the fab women in the room with her elegant, dynamic and inspirational presence.  I even had her as my first guest on “The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast” recently. That’s how big a fan I am of Deborah.  If you have doubts about  treating yourself to the “Rock Your Mojo Weekend LA” listen to the Podcast first. It might just convince you. Remember it’s 2 ½ days for $197 and you deserve it! And make sure to use this code at checkout: TOMATO


  • The Three Tomatoes LA Life editor, Debbie Zipp is your friendly guide to the best of everything in LA with a tomato style perspective. Debbie is an actor, producer, and writer. She is best known for her recurring role as Donna on the CBS series "Murder She Wrote" starring Angela Lansbury. She has had many other TV and stage roles and has starred in over 300 national TV commercials. As head of In The Trenches Productions, Debbie produced, directed, acted in many short films for her company. Her book, The Aspiring Actor's Handbook: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known was recently published. Buy her book: The Aspiring Actor's Handbook: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known

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