LA LIFE: Cemetery Tour, Mojo Offer, Day Trips, Beach Performance

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LA LIFE: Cemetery Tour, Mojo Offer, Day Trips, Beach Performance

October? Seriously?! My mind is boggled. Well it’s a month full of good things. The “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Walking Tour” will sell out fast so book early.  Deborah Kagan has a massive discount for Tomatoes for her “Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend.” You can take a drive up north to the beach town of Carpinteria, one of my favorites, for the “California Avocado Festival.” Or drive to the fresh air of the San Bernardino Mountains for fresh picked apples and other delights. Two great day trip choices, Ladies! For something a little closer, head to Santa Monica for a performance by the Annenberg Community Beach House choreographer in residence, Paola Escobar.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday in October. Apple Pickin’

LA LIFE: Cemetery Tour, Mojo Offer, Day Trips, Beach Performance

Well, Tomatoes, it is apple pickin’ time.  When you think of LA and SoCal you think of citrus fruit trees galore but… apples? Not so much.  Actually there are several orchards near us, including top notch “Willowbrook Apple Farm” on Oak Glen Road in Yucaipa and it is now open for their official “U-Pick” apple season. If you’d like some juicy sweetness that isn’t a tomato, then this apple farm is only an hour’s drive from LA Ladies.

Willowbrook Apple Farm is a quaint country farm that boasts a 100-year-old Winesap apple orchard where you can pick those crisp Winesap apples yourself. Is your mouth watering? You can even make your own Cider with their old- fashioned Cider Press.  2-month old piglet, Delilah, would love for you to come spend time with her, feed her some cheerios, and give her a pet. Star and Comet, Willowbrook’s mini-donkey and mini-horse, would love you to stop by and say hello to them too! At 4pm the bonfire is lit and s’mores, appetizers, are served with a wine tasting! If you wish to visit more apple farms when you are in the area there are several along the same road…Oak Glen Drive. Great way to ring in the fall Tomatoes.

Oct. 4, 5, 6.  Avocado Festival

LA LIFE: Cemetery Tour, Mojo Offer, Day Trips, Beach Performance

It’s a great time for a drive out of LA county and up north along our beautiful coast. Carpinteria Valley along with Santa Barbara County, is the 3rd largest producer of avocados (Yum Yum) in North America. Wow! So, it’s a no-brainer for them to host one of the largest, free, family friendly music festivals in California, the 33rd “California Avocado Festival.” Just one of the reasons Carpinteria is so special Tomatoes.

The California Avocado Festival includes delicious avocado inspired food, 80 music acts on 4 stages, a platform for local nonprofits and service organizations to raise funds for their worthy causes, and most importantly, its dedication to raising scholarship funds for local youth. It’s a super fun festival, well organized with activities for children and multiple vendors selling their artwork.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a “green” festival. They have really worked diligently to reduce the carbon footprint in leading a “Zero Waste” festival. They divert virtually 100% of the waste to either recycling or composting instead of the landfill. That is soooooo cool Tomatoes! Let’s hear a “BRAVO!”

LA LIFE: Cemetery Tour, Mojo Offer, Day Trips, Beach Performance

The Three Tomatoes founder, Cheryl Benton and Kim Selby, The Three Tomatoes San Francisco editor, talk about the power of saying yes. So often we ignore our gut instincts and put up roadblocks that keep us from fully living our lives. So listen in and you’ll also learn more about Cheryl and Kim.  They’re fun – really! Listen in here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Oct. 11-13. Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend + $500 Discount

LA LIFE: Cemetery Tour, Mojo Offer, Day Trips, Beach Performance

Deborah Kagan’s “Rock Your MOJO Women’s Weekend” was transformative for me.  Deborah has amazing energy and is simply one of the very best facilitators for inspiring women to embrace their inner power/mojo. Now, Deborah is giving LA Tomatoes a special jaw-dropping discount deal ($500 off reg price…Holy Cow!) for her upcoming and final “Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend LA.” It’s happening in a week so don’t miss this last chance Tomatoes.

Because you are part of The Three Tomato LA Community you can have it all for $500 off with your special Code: TOMATO! That means you’ll get this 2 ½ day transformative weekend for the for the incredible price of $197. Holy Moly! Don’t Delay…Don’t Procrastinate Tomatoes, the weekend will sell out fast with this being the last time Deborah Kagan is offering this event. Get all the info and reserve your ticket here:

Even the most productive and dynamic women go through tough times and find it hard to get motivated. Believe me I know. My weekend with Deborah and her team helped me tremendously AND I had a blast.  If you are ready to be less stressed; have more magnetism; easily attract new people and opportunities; surround yourself with beauty; value your energy and time; become a woman who knows what she wants – and asks for it?! Deborah Kagan and this weekend can help. If you find just one valuable kernel of truth that profoundly resonates with you, then the weekend is so worth the investment of time and money. You deserve it. I found many kernels there and it has been invaluable for me. And if you need more convincing check out our “The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast” with Deborah Kagan as our guest.

Oct 13.  Hollywood Forever Cemetery Walking Tour

LA LIFE: Cemetery Tour, Mojo Offer, Day Trips, Beach Performance

Hollywood goes underground when the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles “digs up the dirt” on Hollywood’s history—and several of its scandals with its 36th “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Walking Tour.” Just imagine visiting the gravesites of legendary early Hollywood stars, movie moguls and pioneers in this amazing 120-year-old cemetery and all the stories and secrets it holds.

Tomatoes can hear all the fascinating tales from historians and living history interludes. I always think tours with historians at the helm are the best. Hollywood Founder Harvey Wilcox and Col. Griffith J. Griffith who mapped Hollywood and over twenty other legendary Los Angelenos are featured along with the film icons that put Hollywood on the map.  I know Tomatoes will know who these early Hollywood celebs even if you weren’t born yet; Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolph Valentino, Marion Davies, Cecil B. DeMille, Barbara La Marr, William Desmond Taylor and many more are resting in peace at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It sounds incredible Tomatoes and what’s more incredible is that I’ve never visited! I think it is time so you might just see me there for the tour.

Oct. 4, 5, 6. Darning Without a Needle

LA LIFE: Cemetery Tour, Mojo Offer, Day Trips, Beach Performance

“Darning Without a Needle” as a title for ACBH Choreographer-in-Residence  Paola Escobar’s culminating performance of her residency project, certainly got my attention. It is also performed across the Beach House site using a collage technique that refers to Escobar’s identity as a Latina artist, an immigrant and her use of multiple dance forms. Sounds absolutely fascinating and its FREE Tomatoes. Get your tickets.

Paola Escobar’s work will express themes of nomadism, migration, homelessness and belonging within contemporary society. Darning… is proposed as an act of healing, an invitation to activism, and a rite of decolonization. Escobar has toured and performed in France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, United States, and Colombia. In 2005, Escobar received the Colombian National Award. Escobar holds an MFA in Choreography from Cal Arts, and a BFA in Performance from the University of Florida.

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