Why I take a Screen Shot of Everything on My Trips

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 Why this simple smart phone function can be a lifesaver.

Why I take a Screen Shot of Everything on My Trips

Once going into London, the immigration asked for proof of a return ticket. It was in my phone; but Heathrow wifi is weak at best. She made me try and try to connect until finally I recalled the return flight number. She decided to let it go; I probably looked grey with overnight flight exhaustion. At that point, she warned: Next time you better bring a screen shot of your full ticket! Because of new rules on the horizon for European travel, immigration officers are also hit with changes. They can be tough like this lady was or just let it go. This has nothing to do with politics or our nation’s new foreign positions. It has to do with changes in security, in visas lengths, and in the details officers are asked to check.

Why I take a Screen Shot of Everything on My Trips

Maps: If you are wandering around a city and wish to check a local map, you need Wi-Fi.  You will get free Wi-Fi by either loitering around something like McDonalds for free Wi-Fi or buying a coffee at Starbucks or  its local equivalent like Costa in England or….. be prepared. Ahead of time: take a screen shot of the maps you need. Once done, you can open them up to see street names better. Standing on a corner with a huge foldable paper map is no longer needed. It marks you as a tourist anyway and who can refold those maps? Screen shots with streets/museums/train stations/ whatever you need are the way to go.

Your friend sends you important information like driving directions to your hotel and sends it by email. Don’t write it all down or print it; you probably lose the paper if jet lagged and tired. Take a screen shot of her email and file in away. You can make a folder in your images area which is where screen shots land; my file is called favorites. It includes a passport photo page, some credit cards with part of the info missing, all my info cards like medical, prescription, AAA card, a personal check with the account number, eye glass prescription. Easy to find and easy to file.

You told your tour operator about a special need like gluten free diet, o a hearing issue? Of course, there is no way you can see their files to insure your needs was noted. Take a screen shot of the email so you have proof when they serve your spaghetti marinara or sit you at the back of the bus. I am not saying NOT to trust anyone, I am just suggesting that a screen shot tells you that you did in fact notify them and tells them of your need just in case.

Why I take a Screen Shot of Everything on My Trips

You booked a seat on your overseas flight; but when you got to the airport they had changed aircraft and re-assigned you a lousy seat. This is totally legal and all airlines have the right to do this change even if it downgrades your seat.  Now check in has no record of your original seat nor do the automatic check in machines. As you choose and, sometimes, paid for a better seat, what better way to show proof. Recently I was on an American flight where this happened to me. I had to fight and lost the fight with personnel as I had no proof. They said I did not pay for an upgrade which I did. Again, did not have proof on me. Who carries their credit card bill around? The screen shot showing my assigned seat might have saved many emails. Note: if they downgrade you, they will not automatically refund your money; at least that was my experience with American. Only threatening emails eventually got the dollars back, no apology however. I now fly Delta.

Long text messages can also be saved with screen shots. Our memories are not good when we are tired or rushed. Don’t leave anything to memory; photo it and save it in your favorites.

Don’t know how to take a screen shot? Ask any ten year old and you will get a lesson free.

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