Who are the special people in your life?

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“In life, you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But, the ones that are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why its worth it.” unknown

It’s a little overwhelming to think about ALL the people who have passed through our lives. And, why are they here? They say that everyone comes into our life for a purpose, with a potential lesson for us to learn. How did they find us? Serendipity. Pre-arranged by the universe? A Godsend? Think about it.

These are the people who come into our day-to-day lives and over time rearranged most of it, from the smallest change to the monumental life-changing events!

Why? Because they have a purpose, which is one of these three…     

A Reason A Season A Lifetime.

I know so many people were in my life for a specific reason. What if you took a few minutes to playback the highlights of your life. What if you found that there were more people than you thought that played an essential part in your journey. In everyone’s life, there have been those people that left virtually no footprint. Some others prompted you to say, “whatever happened to so and so?” And then there are the lifers – and you know who they are.

Friendships have always held a fascination for me. Perhaps because I had so few friends, especially in high school. I have not spent much time trying to analyze why that was. But I had a saving grace… my beach friends. They were all older, in college, or working for the winter in Waikiki Beach (my hometown!) When I look back, I know the age difference was a positive factor. I always felt more at ease with them. And, perhaps they were in my life for a combined reason.


We are all on a journey of self-discovery. This self-discovery is where we uncover the secrets of our successes and recall those that gave us a helping hand. Some come by only bearing a comment, short conversation, or book recommendation. But they are there for A Reason. They are there to assist you, to help guide you. They seem like a miracle, and maybe they are. The reason might be so apparent that it takes your breath away or so subtle that it’s not contemplated until years later. I think of these travelers as the foot soldiers of the universe for friendship and purpose. They have a mission possible to help guide us in the right direction. And, give us the words we need right then and there that no one else gave. They are there just in the nick of time – just for you. And, you have been A Reason in another person’s life. I know my beach friends all had A Reason. High School was a lonely place for me. My beach friends helped me build my self-confidence. They were the placeholders for all the fantastic people and friends that would eventually appear in my life. These encounters can be fleeting. They come in with A Reason and will be gone when fulfilled.


How do we recognize those that will change our lives? The real question – are we open and ready to receive what they are bringing to us? Usually, A Season friend is like a one-semester class in life and friendship. These friends seem to rush into our lives and most of what they say, how they behave, and how they look at life is one Aha moment after the next. It’s a whirlwind of exploration…of life. Consciously or subconsciously, we all seek out that which is not in our lives. Our seasonal friendships can be the navigators we have been waiting for. These people can be in your life for A Season or A Lifetime, depending on your relationship with them. Even if they remain in your life for only a short season, they will leave a strong and lasting impression in your heart and soul. A good example is that friend you could not live without. They move away, and you talk less frequently, but when you do speak; it’s like no time has passed. That connection is still there. You will always remember them and be thankful that they stopped by your life.


These are the ones tethered to your soul. These are the soul mates. You remember exactly how you met them. And, exactly how they changed your life. First, they help you find the right path. Then they encourage you to follow it. And, then they stay with you for the entire journey. Unbeknownst to either of you – these individuals have a mission – and the mission is you!

Let me tell you a true story of my encounter with A Lifetime experience. I was the Dir. of Corp. Events at a Five-Star Hotel in Los Angeles. I’m planning a large publisher’s luncheon with the West Coast Mgr. of a top Condé Nast woman’s magazine. Over the planning we became friendly and at the end of the event, she was happy, the publisher was happy, and the hotel was happy. But, I was not happy. I wanted to expand my horizons, but I could not decide which horizon would be best for me. As we were saying goodbye, I say to her…”I want to do what you do.” And, she said to me – “we can make that work!” A year later I was working at the number one Teen/Fashion Magazine in the country! This woman who dropped into my life to plan a luncheon forty years ago is still my confidant, a best friend, and a woman that I admire and love. Think about those special people in your life…And how they got there!

As a little kid, I always believed in Guardian Angels. Who knew as an adult I would find them. Their shapes and sizes and timing were all different. We found each other in varying ways – and actually when I needed them the most. One was living next door when I was a searching sixteen-year-old. Another, years later, on the phone, while booking time for a recording session. Or, another, as you know, while making arrangements for a fancy publisher’s luncheon. And the most serendipitous meeting of all – in the back seat of a New York City taxi. And, my favorite. I found the love of my love on a blind date! Each one of these encounters developed into continuing, lifelong friendships, and each made a major impact on the direction of my life. I know I would not be the woman I am today was it not for my Lifers. So, however, these meetings were arranged – Thank You.

These are the Lifetime guides to take you to your better self. You know who they are, and most are still surrounding you or close by. Was it fate, divine intervention, or luck that delivered them to your doorstep? However the transportation, they made it, and you are a better person for their presence in your life.

I would like to encourage you to let those special people in your life know the impact that their presence has made. Your written words to them are guaranteed to bring immense joy to both of you as you meander through your memories. The memories can be from yesterday or 50 years ago. Words are powerful, especially when written. We can return to them as often as needed. These words become indelibly etched in our hearts and soul. It is the perfect thank you gift to a friend, lover, or child.

P.S. Sharing this post with a friend will let them know that to you…they are A Lifetime friend.


  • Kate Granado spent several years in magazine publishing, but just below the surface her free spirit was hibernating and reemerged with a nagging frequency (asking)for her to break away from the corporate world and find her creativity. And with the mantra ‘I am open to whatever comes my way’ she began her quest. Over the next 25 years, she became totally immersed in design and product development for the decorative home accessories market. She has a fabulous blog, Platinum Boomer | Fabulous@anyage, which she writes from Cuenca Ecuador where she retired with her husband. Her inspiration for her blog is all the talented and accomplished women she knows. All have a spirit that has brought them to a special place in their lives today. We are the trailblazers that will forge the new paradigm of aging and the Platinum Revolution.

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  1. Sandra says:

    This is such a wonderful piece on friendship, my LIFETIME FRIEND!

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