What’s your National Park IQ?

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August 2016 is the official Centennial Birthday of the National Parks with events and festivities being celebrated all over the country throughout the year. It’s a great time to plan to visit a National Park. What are your Top Five parks? My Favorite Five are Denali (Alaska), the Everglades (Florida), Yosemite (California), Haleakala (Maui, Hawaii) and Acadia Maine).  Where would you most like to visit that you’ve never been? My number one, next to visit on my list is American Samoa in the Samoan Islands with native flying foxes, magnificent coral reefs, sea turtles and volcanic mountains.

If your plans include more than one or two parks within a year, consider purchasing a National Park Pass, with additional discounts for seniors. My friend Brenda, whose family plans to visit all five National Parks in Utah this summer: Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon , Zion, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef, decided to create some excitement with hosting National Parks Themed Barbecues this summer. Her invitations say: Come prepared to compete! What’s Your National Parks IQ?

I thought it was such a great idea, and so much fun to play with friends and family, I wanted to share some fun facts with you.  If all of your responses are correct, you should consider becoming a Park Ranger or President.

  1. Which national park has a canyon that covers more than 277 miles? I deliberately made this one easy so that you will keep going!
  2. How many National Parks are there in the United States? Need a hint? There are more than 11 and less than 99.
  3. Which President began the National Parks system? Name the park.
  4. Who was called the Conservation President?
  5. How many states have National Parks?
  6. Which state has the newest National Park? Can you name it?
  7. Which state has the most National Parks? How many?
  8. Name the state with the largest National Park. Can you name the park?
  9. Name the smallest National Park, along with its state.
  10. Which president created the most National Parks, monuments, memorials and designated sites?
  11. Name the most visited National Park. I was totally wrong on this one. I was positive it was Denali.
  12. Toughest question! How many National Rivers are in the National Park System?
  13. Where are the most National Memorials located?
  14. Who is the only American President who was previously a park ranger?
  15. This one’s easy breezy! Where can you find more information on the National Park Centennial events?

Correct Responses:

1.) The Grand Canyon, Arizona; 2.) 59; 3.)  Yellowstone by President Grant in 1872; 4.) Theodore Roosevelt; 5.) 27; 6.) Pinnacles National Park, California; 7.)  California with 9; 8.) Wrangell–St. Elias, Alaska, 8 million acres; 9.)  Hot Springs, Arkansas, 6,000 acres; 10.) President Clinton with 19 parks, monuments and protected sites;  11.) Great Smoky Mountains with 9 million visitors; 12.)  5:  Big South Fork of the Cumberland River, Kentucky; Buffalo River, Arkansas; Mississippi River, Minnesota; New River Gorge, West Virginia; and Ozark River, Missouri; 13.) Washington, DC with 9 of the 29 National Memorials; 14.) Gerald R. Ford 15.) https://www.nps.gov/subjects/centennial/index.htm

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