Pandemic Lessons Learned

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by Jane Goldman

What I Learned During the Coronavirus

I learned that the microwave has more than just a start and stop button.

I learned that if you use the correct clippers for your toenails, you actually can cut them.

I learned that my stove has more uses than just for storage of pots and pans.

I learned that if you clean the filter in the dryer after use, it will actually work for the next load.

I learned that if you start by going corner to corner with a fitted sheet you can make your bed in less than 10 minutes and without back pain.

I learned that if you put food in the freezer it can actually survive well past its due date.

I learned that shopping in my own closet can be as exciting as shopping at Saks.

I learned that you can actually bake a potato in the toaster oven by just pressing bake and setting the time.

I learned which sockets would not cause a major circuit break when I plug in the vacuum cleaner.

I learned that there really is a difference between soft scrub and fantastic with bleach or anything with bleach.

I learned that an Amazon package with needed supplies can bring as much joy as a bouquet of flowers.

Now for The More Important Lessons

I learned, as shown in the above, that it was good I became a lawyer and not a homemaker.

I learned that more important than having a good lover is having a housekeeper and hair stylist, even if they are not good.

I learned that if I only have myself for company that it can be enough as I am good company.

I learned that it doesn’t matter if my hair is turning grey as long as I have hair to complain about.  

I learned that it doesn’t matter that I am getting shorter as long as I am still standing and able to complain about that.

I learned that it is really OK to do nothing at times and not feel guilty.

I learned that it is OK if no man now says he loves me as long as I love me.

Now for The Most Important Lesson

I learned the truth to the expression:

That if you have your health you can have a lot of problems, if you don’t have your health you have just that one.

And in learning the truth to that expression…

What Lessons from the Coronavirus Will Guide Me in the Future?

To be so very grateful for having many “problems.”

To be so very grateful that my loved ones are also saddled with them.

To embrace getting older as a gift, not as a struggle.

To be grateful for what aging gives me, not mourn what it takes away.

And What Will I Wish for in the Future?

Many, many more problems even if they cause major circuit breakers in my appliances, just as long as I don’t have that ONE problem that could cause a break in me. 

Jane Goldman, auhor of With No Regrets

Jane H. Goldman is a renaissance woman. For many years, she was General Counsel-Vice President of Warner Bros Distributing Corporation and thereafter litigation counsel to its parent company, Time Warner Inc. She now pursues and lives her passions, which include painting, sculpting, music, and writing. In addition, she won a Drama Desk Award as associate producer of the hit comedy “Celebrity Autobiography”. She received her BA from Barnard College and her law degree from NYU.  “With No Regrets…Getting Older: Face It, Live It, Love It” is Jane’s first book. It was published by The Three Tomatoes and is available exclusively on Amazon.

Life is too short to live it without humor. You’ll enjoy these tales and funny stories from tomatoes who know how to see the humor in everyday things.

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Life is too short to live it without humor. You’ll enjoy these tales and funny stories from tomatoes who know how to see the humor in everyday things.

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