What does sustainability really mean?

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Vicky Herbert is still on her mission! She’s a funny, quirky, and generous soul who cares a lot about stopping pollution (particularly by stopping plastic pollution). Just like Mike Rowe of the recently renewed show: “Dirty Jobs”, Vicky rolls up her sleeves and tackles difficult messy topics like the “Great Garbage Patch” or finding out and understanding what’s destroying our environment and who is really out to save it. Vicky is looking into the conservation programs at the Palm Beach Zoo.

“I just don’t understand this word…” sustainable”. It’s like the package description “organic.” Everything says organic but no one really knows for sure what it really means.”

Vicky is setting out to see what it really means and examine if it’s just a case of “green washing.” After talking with zoo curator Mike Terrell, it’s clear that this zoo is really serious about sustainability and they are not “green washing.”

Green Washing: Merriam Webster Definition: the act or practice of making a product, policy, activity, etc. appear to be more environmentally friendly or less environmentally damaging than it really is.

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  • Victoria Herbert

    Victoria Herbert is a producer, humorist, and philanthropist, who is on a mission to save our oceans from plastics. She is also the host of the talk show, All That Buzz with Victoria, a show about arts & culture! AllThatBuzzwithVictoria.com

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