Walk on the Wild Side

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Walk on the Wild Side

This is a story about a woman who was handed a devastating cancer diagnosis.  While her prognosis was not good, she fought hard and underwent a couple of years of very difficult experiences including surgery and chemotherapy. Happily, she survived and healed and, in the process, had the unique opportunity to learn about the origins of chemotherapy. She discovered that there was a very small group of individuals who were the pioneers of these life-saving treatments.

The woman is filmmaker Germaine McCormack-Kos.  Germaine embarked on this path of making the film, which not only provides the viewer an insight into the minds of these brilliant doctors and scientists, but also chronicled her incredible healing journey.  Using her own financial resources, and with a great deal of resolve,  it took Germaine 8 years to complete the documentary.

The fascinating and informative film, Walk on the Wild Side, is now available on Amazon. Walk on the Wild Side

Check out my interview with this courageous woman on “Bagels and Broadway” Sunday from 2-3 and following broadcast on podcast.

Along with Germaine Kos, I will replay an interview I did with actress Dawn Wells,  who played the beloved character Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island” and you’ll hear my conversation with Nancy Finkelstein, owner of renowned bakery, Carousel Cakes.

Walk on the Wild Side

Bagels and Broadway with Valerie Smaldone, Sunday from 2-3 PM on WNYM-AM radio and on podcast following the broadcast.


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