Valerie’s Valentine’s Gift Guide

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Since it is Valentine’s weekend, I want to share with you my curated  “Bagels and Broadway Valerie’s Valentine Gift Guide” which was revealed during my radio show last weekend.

Let me share the results with you-each one a great product or experience to gift to someone you love:


Valerie's Valentine's Gift Guide

A Valentine’s Weekend menu has been carefully curated by proprietor Daniele Kucera at Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant on West 44 Street (including Waldorf Lobster salad!). Some festive specialty cocktails will be offered too. Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant has a really, cool, sexy vibe, decorated in red and black. A pine tree with Valentine’s Day decorations sits regally outside the door!

Baked goods:

Valerie's Valentine's Gift Guide

Oh my goodness, there are some incredibly delicious cupcakes or cakes available at Carousel Cakes, with gorgeous creations for Valentine’s Day.  A portion of sales will be donated to the American Heart Association through the end of the month, with the purchase of cakes or cupcakes decorated with hearts. Available at the Nanuet wholesale bakery, open to the public, and online. Home of Oprah’s favorite red velvet cupcakes!


Valerie's Valentine's Gift Guide

How about trying a different type of spirit to toast your love this year?  Like Caravedo Pisco, from Peru, all natural, no additives, and a perfect base for a cocktail, like “No Apologies,” the cocktail made with pisco at The Living Room, the Park Hyatt Hotel bar. The ingredients are:
 Caravedo Pisco, Pear Eau-de-Vie, Cinnamon (syrup), Ginger (juice), Lemon (juice) . Boston Bitters. Cheers! Get the details.

A culinary experience:

Valerie's Valentine's Gift Guide

An interactive cooking class offered at The Cook’s Studio at the fabulous wine-making facility wineUdesign on Long Island, makes for a great gift anytime. They have created cooking classes specifically for couples once a month, and a full, varied slate of classes throughout the year, including classes which will teach you how to prepare paella, sushi, or jambalaya and beignets. Super fun and tasty too!


Valerie's Valentine's Gift Guide

Announcing the launch of the collaboration between two great entities, Nature’s Garden and Jacques Torres. They have come together to create a new chocolate:  “Jacques Torres by Chocolate Orchards Fruit and Nut Clusters” available starting this weekend at your local Costco. A delicious combination of heart-healthy snacks and satisfying dark chocolate!

There you have it. My 5 products or experiences to enjoy for Valentine’s weekend…and beyond. Great gifts for any occasion.

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