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March 2. Ripe, Wendy Hammers One Woman Show

Ripe, Wenday Hammers One woman show

Up for a lively dance Tomatoes? Well, you can have a juicy dance with words from a seasoned woman, Wendy Hammers, in her one woman show “Ripe”.  Gotta love the name! It’s a must see. So, hurry to get your tickets Tomatoes before it’s sold out, Gals!

It’s a fun comedy but goes deep and serves as a wakeup call to embrace your own magnificent life as a woman.  9/11, the loss of a close friend to cancer, the end of a 14-year marriage, her own battle with pancreatic cancer and beating it shined a huge light on the fleeting nature of life and put Wendy on a journey to rebuild and reinvent to celebrate the gorgeous life she has right now.  “Ripe” tells that story. Deborah Vankin from the LA Times says, “Part stand up confessional; part booty shakin’ biography, ripe is an examination of life re-invented midstream, and a reminder that the time to celebrate our bodies…and our lives…is right now.”

And Emmy Award Winning Actress, Camryn Manheim, also loved “Ripe.  “In your journey of self-acceptance, you give other women permission to liberate themselves as well. Any women struggling with loving their bodies should see it. So that means every woman we know. And girl…you can dance!” Sounds like this play by Wendy Hammers will resonate with you and inspire all Tomatoes!

February 19 – February 25 Couple of White Chicks at the Hairdresser

a couple of white chicks at the hairdresser

Friend and fellow Tomato, Roxanne Messina Captor, has written, produced and directed the poignant, hilarious and wonderful short film “A Couple of White Chicks at the Hairdresser”, starring Shelley Long, Kate Linder and Harry Shearer, now on Sofy.TV.  Read on to find out how to see it Tomatoes.

“A Couple of White Chicks at the Hairdresser”, a dramedy, looks at the lives of salon patrons and the hairdresser that is their common thread and focuses on the unexpected friendship that develops between two competitive and very different women. The short film was an official selection at the Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival, Downtown Film Festival of LA (DFFLA) and the New Orleans International Film Festival, among other festivals, and will be streaming as a featured selection on Sofy.TV.  You can use this promo code to get 50% off streaming price!  SFYTV768

On Saturday, Feb. 23rd actress Kate Linder and filmmaker Roxanne Captor will be LIVE on Facebook and, Monday, Feb. 25th, Roxanne will be interviewed by Sofy.TV on Sofy. Enjoy Tomatoes.

Can You see Us Now, by cheryl benton


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