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As I’ve confessed here before Tomatoes…I’m a true TV Addict who cannot be swayed to abstain. I promise you that the shows I recommend here were thoroughly enjoyed by me in one way or another. I hope you might find at least one of my suggestions to your liking.  So, I submit to you, Tomatoes, my picks: June Again, Jerry and Marge Go Large, Julia and Doghouse UK.

 “June Again,” the Most Wonderful Little Film You Never Heard of

At least, I hadn’t heard of June Again. It was a lovely surprise for the hubby and me. The poignant storyline has the quirky Australian flair & humor, that I adore, alongside colorful characters. It is a lovely and deeply moving film that was still lingering in my mind the next day. Have a few tissues on hand. I found “June Again” for free on Amazon Prime.  Watch the trailer.


“Jerry & Marge Go Large” is a feel-good movie

If you are looking for a simple, light-hearted, feel-good movie then “Jerry & Marge Go Large” might just be the ticket. Based on a remarkable and inspiring true story, the movie also happens to star two of the most brilliant actors on the planet, Bryan Cranston and Annette Benning as the real-life characters Jerry and Marge. I found “Jerry & Marge” streaming for free on Paramount+.  Watch the trailer.

 “Julia” is a sheer delight!

If you haven’t watched this series yet then put “Julia” at the top of your “To Do” list, Ladies. It is yummy, delicious and a sheer delight Yep! I loved this series more than I can possibly say.  For me it was a magical experience. And the portrayal of Julia Child by Sarah Lancashire, one of my very fave Brit actresses, is genius and the cast’s performances alongside her are extraordinary.  It is streaming free on HBO Max . Watch the trailer.


The Dog House UK is extraordinary.  

And equally delightful and extraordinary is the series “The Dog House UK” with its 3rd season having just been released.  Yes, I am a huge dog lover, but I believe that “The Dog House UK” is the best of the best of the best of unscripted series about dogs across all the streaming platforms.  It is filled to the brim with unique and adorable characters, both dog and human, whose life journeys tug at your heartstrings while infusing you with joy and hope.  This series is streaming for free on HBO Max. Watch the trailer.




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